Victor Cuesta approaches Bahia, ruling out Inter Miami

Inter Miami opts for other alternatives, while Bahia emerges as the destination for the Argentine defender
Internacional v Botafogo - Brasileirao 2023
Internacional v Botafogo - Brasileirao 2023 / Pedro H. Tesch/GettyImages

Victor Cuesta's negotiations are taking unexpected turns, as reported by journalist Cristian Moraes. Upon contacting an Inter Miami official, Moraes learned that the Argentine defender's destination seems to be moving away from the sunny beaches of Florida and closer to the northeastern lands of Bahia.

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According to the information gathered, Inter Miami, represented by its official in conversation with Moraes, confirmed that they are not moving forward with Cuesta's signing. Instead, the American club is redirecting its efforts towards other market options, aiming to strengthen its squad with strategic choices.

Victor Cuesta
Botafogo v Cruzeiro - Brasileirao 2023 / Wagner Meier/GettyImages

The decision of Inter Miami, while it may surprise some fans, reflects the complex and strategic dynamics of soccer. The club is prioritizing different opportunities, indicating a careful approach to building the squad for upcoming competitions.

As Inter Miami redefines its priorities, Bahia emerges as the potential destination for Victor Cuesta. The Argentine defender, known for his solid defensive skills and leadership on the field, could reinforce the ranks of the Tricolor de Aço.