Exclusive: Financial Dilemma Hinders Deal Between Benzema and Los Angeles FC

MLS Multiplex Investigates Interest, but Contractual Disagreements with Benzema Deter Transfer Possibility
Al-Ittihad v Al-Nassr - Saudi Pro League
Al-Ittihad v Al-Nassr - Saudi Pro League / Yasser Bakhsh/GettyImages

Los Angeles FC (LAFC) has expressed interest in Karim Benzema, as reported by MLS Multiplex. The Arab media outlet, Itti Studio, was the first to announce the American club's interest in the renowned forward. However, internal sources from LAFC have informed MLS Multiplex that negotiations are at an impasse due to contractual disagreements.

According to information obtained by Itti Studio, Benzema received an offer from LAFC, triggering speculation about a potential move to Major League Soccer (MLS). Nevertheless, exclusive sources from MLS Multiplex revealed that the prospects of finalizing the deal are currently compromised.

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LAFC allegedly offered Benzema a three-year contract with an annual salary of $10 million. Despite being a significant proposal, the striker turned down the offer, claiming that the amount is below what he currently receives at Al-Ittihad, his current club.

The LAFC proposal represents a notable financial effort, considering MLS salary standards. However, for Benzema, who already enjoys an estimated $30 million annual salary, the offer seems not to meet his financial expectations.

Al-Ittihad v Al-Nassr - Saudi Pro League
Al-Ittihad v Al-Nassr - Saudi Pro League / Yasser Bakhsh/GettyImages

Benzema's rejection raises questions about the possible motivations behind his refusal. Is it purely a financial matter, with the player seeking to maintain or improve his current salary conditions? Or are there other factors at play, such as the desire to stay at Al-Ittihad or even return to Real Madrid, as suggested by previous sources?

The complexity of these negotiations highlights the challenge clubs face when trying to attract world-class players to MLS. While LAFC demonstrates ambition in attempting to secure Benzema's services, the player clearly has financial expectations that may not align completely with the economic reality of American soccer.

This episode also emphasizes the central role contracts play in international transfer negotiations. The disparity in values proposed by LAFC and Benzema's current salary illustrates the financial complexities involved in such transactions, especially when it comes to high-profile players.

In the face of this situation, LAFC needs to assess whether it is willing to adjust its offer to meet Benzema's salary expectations or if it will continue to seek other options in the market. The player's rejection may serve as a warning to other MLS clubs looking to reinforce their squads with international stars.