Tim Howard Criticizes Berhalter for Lack of Fixed Captaincy in Copa America

Who is the captain?
USMNT Training
USMNT Training / John Dorton/ISI Photos/USSF/GettyImages

For Tim Howard, the legendary goalkeeper of the USMNT, the answer should be clear and definitive, but it seems that coach Gregg Berhalter is not so convinced.

In a scathing article for the Daily Mail, Howard did not hold back his criticisms of the current team scenario, where despite players like Christian Pulisic having been captains in previous games, there isn't a definitive leadership. And this doesn't sit well with the former goalkeeper, who amassed 121 appearances for the national team between 2002 and 2017.

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"The lack of a permanent captain in the USMNT doesn't leave me comfortable," Howard lamented. And he's right. The absence of a clear leadership figure can lead to uncertainties and affect the team's performance in crucial moments.

Howard doesn't hesitate to point out his ideal candidate for the armband: Tyler Adams. The player, known for his vibrant personality on and off the field, as well as his ability to inspire his teammates, seems to be the natural choice for the role. Despite some recent injuries, the former captain of the USMNT in the 2022 World Cup continues to believe in Adams' potential to lead the team in major competitions.

"Adams' leadership can galvanize not just the team, but the entire country during the Copa America," Howard emphasizes.

For Howard, the issue goes beyond who wears the armband. It's about stability, confidence, and the ability to face challenges with determination. "When you have someone like that in charge, everything falls into place," he argues.

Gregg Berhalter faces not only the pressure of results, but also scrutiny over a crucial decision: appointing a captain who can lead the United States.

Tim Howard is not just criticizing the lack of a fixed captain in the USMNT; he is making a plea for the team to find its leadership voice in Tyler Adams. Will Berhalter heed this advice?