Luca De La Torre Catches MLS Attention

Could the MLS be the answer to Luca De La Torre's lack of playing time?
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Luca De La Torre, currently with Celta de Vigo, has been catching the eye of two Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs: San Diego FC and Sporting Kansas City (KC). While his contract with the Spanish club runs until June 2026, the upcoming 2026 World Cup makes the issue of playing time more crucial than ever.

For any player, stability and the joy of playing at a club are fundamental. The hunt for minutes on the field can become a persistent shadow, an obstacle that overshadows even the most beautiful Spanish landscapes. De La Torre, with his skill and vision, knows that the path to the US national team at the next World Cup depends directly on how often he appears on fans' screens, not just in headlines.

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Now, think about the dilemma: staying in Europe, where competition is fierce and the chances of shining are as unpredictable as a cloudy day, or returning to the United States, where the MLS can offer not only more minutes on the field but also the opportunity to become a rising star.

San Diego FC and Sporting KC aren't just interested; they're eyeing a gem that could transform their seasons and attract more fans. Imagine the MLS with De La Torre: a league already growing in popularity would benefit enormously from a player with European experience.

De La Torre's decision isn't simple. Staying with Celta de Vigo might mean fighting for space in a team full of talent, where every practice is a silent battle for recognition. The experience in La Liga is something few American players can brag about, and that, undoubtedly, carries weight.

The MLS offers a sort of homecoming, but not one without challenges. The American league is growing, evolving, and the internal competition is fierce. San Diego FC aims to establish itself as a dominant force, and De La Torre could be the missing piece in that puzzle. Sporting KC can offer a solid foundation and an environment where he can shine.

So, what weighs more on De La Torre's scale? The security of a contract until 2026 with Celta de Vigo, or the promise of more time on the field and the chance to become a hero in the MLS?

The 2026 World Cup is a rapidly approaching horizon. For a player like De La Torre, who has the potential to be a star in the American squad, every minute counts. Sitting on the bench in Vigo could mean losing rhythm, visibility, and eventually, the chance to be in top form when the whole world is watching. Spain's charms are many, but the MLS offers a stage where he can shine brightly.