Di Maria and the Tempting MLS Inquiry

Argentinian star rejects MLS inquiries in favor of a return to Rosario Central
SL Benfica v Boavista - Liga Portugal Bwin
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Recently, a heavyweight name entered the transfer saga: Angel Di Maria, a player for Benfica, who received tempting inquiries from Major League Soccer (MLS). However, exclusive information obtained by MLS Multiplex indicates that the Argentinian star has turned down the proposals from the North American league in favor of a return to Rosario Central, the club that catapulted him to stardom.

At 35 years old, Di Maria finds himself at a crossroads in his career, and the decision to reject MLS offers in favor of a return to Argentinian soccer brings with it a series of reflections on his legacy, the impact on Benfica, and the implications for the eagerly awaiting player and club.

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The MLS Call and the Conscious Rejection

MLS, with its growing reputation and financial allure, doesn't hesitate to pursue international stars to enrich the spectacle of soccer in the United States. Angel Di Maria, globally recognized for his refined technique and unique skills, naturally became a target for inquiries from the North American league. However, the Argentinian player seems to have made a conscious decision to decline this proposal and, as it appears, choose to return to his soccer roots.

Exclusive information obtained by MLS Multiplex, from sources directly connected to the player, sheds light on the complexity of Di Maria's decision. While the MLS represents a unique opportunity in financial terms and a chance to explore new horizons in the soccer scene, the player's heart seems to pull him back to Rosario Central, the club where it all began.

Benfica and the Impact of Di Maria's Rejection

Di Maria's refusal to renew his contract with Benfica and his possible departure from the Portuguese club were already subjects of speculation and debate among fans. However, the revelation that the player chose to decline MLS proposals in favor of a return to Rosario Central adds an element of surprise and, for some, a melancholic farewell.

Benfica, which benefited from Di Maria's valuable services in his second stint with the club, will see one of its most iconic players leave the team. The Argentine's decision inevitably raises questions about how the club will cope with the departure of a key player and how they will seek to fill the void left by the experienced forward.

Angel Di Maria
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Di Maria's Last Dance at Rosario Central

The possibility of Angel Di Maria concluding his career at Rosario Central, the club that launched him onto the global soccer stage, brings a touch of nostalgia and romance. The phrase "last dance" resonates like an echo in our minds, as the 35-year-old player, who has already announced his retirement from the Argentine national team after the 2024 Copa America, seems to be preparing for a final chapter in his career.

Di Maria made his debut for Rosario Central in 2005 and stayed there for two seasons before transferring to Benfica in 2007. Since then, his career has been marked by brilliant stints with European giants such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, PSG, and Juventus, until his return to the Portuguese club. Now, the possibility of returning to the club where his soccer journey began seems to be a choice laden with meaning and emotion for the player.

Di Maria's Legacy and Achieved Titles

Throughout his career, Angel Di Maria has won an impressive total of 31 titles, including the prestigious trophy from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. His innate ability to unsettle opposing defenses and his significant contribution to his teams' successes have made him a respected and admired figure in the global soccer scene.

The decision to end his career at Rosario Central will add a final chapter to this remarkable legacy. The return to his roots, to the club where he began writing his story in sports, adds a poetic touch to Di Maria's journey and reinforces the unique connection between a player and his origins.

Di Maria's Choice and the Next Chapter

Angel Di Maria's rejection of MLS inquiries in favor of a return to Rosario Central represents more than a simple career decision; it is an emotional choice, a journey back to his roots, and a possible farewell to the international scene.

One thing is certain: Angel Di Maria is about to take his final steps as a professional player, and every move in this final chapter will be watched with attention and emotion by admirers of Argentine and global soccer. Di Maria's fate now seems intertwined with Rosario Central, where the "last dance" may turn into an unforgettable farewell.