MLS SuperDraft 2019: Mock Draft 2.0

CINCINNATI, OH - MAY 29: MLS commissioner Don Garber makes the announcement awarding FC Cincinnati an expansion franchise as team president and general manager Jeff Berding applauds on May 29, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
CINCINNATI, OH - MAY 29: MLS commissioner Don Garber makes the announcement awarding FC Cincinnati an expansion franchise as team president and general manager Jeff Berding applauds on May 29, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

With the MLS 2019 combine over and the draft closing in on us, now’s the time to finalize our predictions for the 2019 MLS SuperDraft. Here is Mock Draft 2.0.

Well, the combine is now finished and preparations being made for the real thing, it’s time to give the MLS SuperDraft Mock Draft one more time before they actually do it on Friday.

So let’s give it a go and correct some things, shall we?

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You can see the MLS 2019 SuperDraft Mock Draft 1.0 here and compare the changes have been made over the course of the past few days.

1. FC Cincinnati

Frankie Amaya – UCLA – M

No change here. Although he didn’t play in the combine, he is still seen as one of the top prospects in the draft. Not playing may honestly have done him a favor.

2. San Jose Earthquakes

Callum Montgomery – UNC Charlotte – D

No change here either as the need remains the same as the ability.

3. Orlando City

Alex Comisa – UNC – D

Also no change here. While Comsia wasn’t exactly a massive performer in the Combine, that doesn’t change where he was in the rest of his college career.

4. FC Dallas (from Colorado)

Emil Cuello – SMU – M

The first deviation of this mock draft. After continued suspicion over Tucker Bone’s future, I think that right now FC Dallas will focus on just getting someone they can build on and work with. Cuello performed well during the Combine and I feel like they’ll be happy to get him here.

5. Chicago Fire

Akeem Ward – Creighton – D

Probably the most impressive player of the draft in my opinion, I once again bring up that the Fire’s needs are “anything but a holding midfielder”. Not only is he not a holding midfielder, but he’s a full-back, which has been a badly needed position for a long time.

6. Toronto FC

DeJuan Jones – Michigan State – F

Once again, it’s an understudy for Altidore, but instead of JJ Williams, it’s DeJuan Jones. Jones is a raw physical specimen, which is a dangerous game to play, but he showed plenty of smarts during the combine. Although they’re great for cap purposes, I just don’t know how into a GA player Toronto would be (that sounds really weird to say, but I’ll stick with it).

7. Minnesota United

Dayne St. Clair – Maryland – GK

Moving up mostly based on new information: Minnesota is reportedly interested in taking a goalkeeper. The interesting thing about this is that St. Clair actually underperformed during the combine, but he moved up? Well, the big thing is what we didn’t see. Apparently he redeemed himself during the short-sided games.

8. Houston Dynamo

John Nelson – UNC – D

It’s still a defender, just picked a little bit later than before. Same idea, they need help on defense. Beasley may have been re-signed, but he’s old. This is the year of the full-back and they need some young, refreshing depth.

9. New England Revolution

Siad Hadji – VCU – M

Once again, Hadji falls a weirdly large amount until he finally hits a team that is taking the best player available, which is Hadji. While I wouldn’t say his performance in the combine was excellent, it was better than any other GA.

10. FC Dallas (from Montreal)

Camden Riley – University of the Pacific – M

Moving up for no reason again, Dallas just needs to keep building up that center of the field. This is all just depth.

11. New England Revolution (from Vancouver)

JJ Williams – Kentucky – F

Best player available and shouldn’t have been sitting around this long. JJ Williams will provide great attacking depth for the Revs.

12. LA Galaxy

Prosper Figbe – Virginia – D

A new name to this list, Prosper Figbe really showed out during the combine. Physically overpowering most attackers, the Galaxy can still take time to develop the mental side of his game.

13. FC Cincinnati (from Philadelphia)

Tajon Buchanan – Syracuse – F

Best player available here as Cincinnati just wants to add depth here. Big power move by Philly, by the way. To trade away your entire draft and then say it’s not even worth it. Just… wow. Weird to see that kind of guts in an MLS club. And good on Cincinnati to take every available chance to build out their expansion roster.

14. D.C. United

Sergio Rivas – Seattle – M

Best player available and a steal at that. Sergio Rivas played exceptionally well in the combine and I think that he will find a way to fit in very quickly.

15. Colorado Rapids (from FC Dallas)

Andrew Shinyashiki – Denver – F

I don’t think this pick changes, although he could honestly go higher after proving he can score against better competition in the combine.

16. Los Angeles FC

Griffin Dorsey – Indiana – F

Grab a GA. Bradley’s still smart, but I just don’t think Loebe is the right guy anymore. Dorsey is versatile and can really play anywhere on the wings. He played the second half of the second game at right back and is naturally a winger.

17. Real Salt Lake

Amir Bashti – Stanford – F

Best player available. Bashti has proven his talent and given a good showing in the name of Stanford, since he’s the only player from the college to come to the combine this year. Should be well-developed in the USL by this team’s set-up.

18. Columbus Crew

Logan Gdula – Wake Forest – D

Best player available and it’s a left-back. As it’s been said, this year is the year of the full-backs. Just buy them up so you can replenish depth at a crucial position.

19. New York City FC

Santiago Patino – FIU – F

New York still need that striker replacement and probably the smartest forward at the combine was Patino. Making good off-the-ball runs, smart passing decisions, and other selfless acts were the main attraction for him in each of his games. He can grow into someone if it’s done right.

20. Seattle Sounders

Mitchell Osmand – Rio Grande – D

Mitchell Osmand had a bad day one and an amazing day two. Seattle is looking for a young center-back for depth and they’re going to get it here. The inconsistency between the two days is probably due to inexperience, so allowing him to be mentored will really help his development. When he comes out of it, he could be solid for a long time.

21. Sporting Kansas City

Ryan Sierakowski – Michigan State – F

Best available. Sierakowski didn’t do too much in the combine, but he has a solid reputation from his college career. Why not give him a chance?

22. New York Red Bulls

Hugo Delhomelle – Syracuse – M

While not exactly the best place for a player like him, Delhomelle is the best player at this position in my opinion. A great set piece taker, he might look to be a super-sub or more likely develop with NYRBII.

23. Portland Timbers

Rece Buckmaster – Indiana – D

Last time I had Ward going here, but Ward went a whole lot earlier this time, so the Timbers pick up Buckmaster, who’s naturally a forward. Now more of a wing-back, he should be a good extra piece for the right-back spot left by Alvas Powell.

24. Atlanta United

Chase Gasper – Maryland – D

Gasper is actually a left-back. Bunk-Anderson isn’t really. There was some confirmation on what positions people played during the combine, even though there were plenty of players played out of position. Anyway, Atlanta add a left-back to cover for Brek Shea.