MLS Combine Day Two: Stock Up, Stock Down

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 19: A ball signed by the draftees sits on display on the side of the stage during the MLS SuperDraft 2018 on January 19, 2018, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 19: A ball signed by the draftees sits on display on the side of the stage during the MLS SuperDraft 2018 on January 19, 2018, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

Day Two of the MLS Combine is all wrapped up. So it’s time for us to look for who added to and detracted from their draft value in these final games.

The MLS Combine is all wrapped up now, with the final games having been played. My main takeaway from this combine is that everyone is pretty well matched. This class of rookies may not have a player who stands out head and shoulders above the rest, but there are also no players who have been slacking during their time throughout either of their games.

And because of that, I don’t really have any players that extensively deserve to be on the Stock Down list. So instead of making things up, I’m just going to cut down two Stock Down slots and move them to the Stock Up section.

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Now let’s take a look at who was impressive and not so impressive on Day Two of the 2019 MLS Combine.

Stock Up:

Andre Shinyashiki

After missing the first game due to the MAC Hermann Award Ceremony, Andre Shinyashiki has come back swinging. Constantly on the ball in the attack for his team, the Denver striker has proven me wrong by showing that he can score against improved competition. His goal was an extra bit of class, as he basically ran over a defender and found a chip that barely made it into the net. Later on, he took an admittedly ill-advised shot but somehow made it look close. Though there are still questions, he has found a way to answer some of them.

Sean McSherry

I like using hockey terms sometimes when it comes to trying to describe something simply, and today, Sean McSherry showed that he was a Two-Way Forward. He was physically on his mark on his side of the pitch and always made his way back to defend. On the offensive side, he found a couple of great balls to his teammates and made smart cuts into the box.

Mitchell Osmand

After being on the Stock Down list earlier in the week, Mitchell Osmand had a big comeback against Team Predator, who had attackers like Siad Haji, Tajon Buchanan, and Ryan Sierakowski. While his team still lost, Osmand was everywhere on the backline. Whenever the team needed an inch-perfect tackle in the box, it was almost always Osmand who made it over there in time to save the day.

Robbie Mertz

Robbie Mertz was fairly quiet throughout the combine until he got his moment near the end of the second half of this game, making a great move to create just enough space for himself to get a shot off around a defender. And when I say around, I meant he was on one side of the defender and the ball was shot from the other side of the defender. The shot curled inside the far post for his team’s second goal. Almost right afterwards, he almost scored again with another great move and shot, this time outside of the box, to the far post again. That shot hit the post, but it was a quick moment of brilliance that brought attention to himself in the best way possible.

JJ Williams

Another player who missed Day One due to the MAC Hermann Award Ceremony, JJ Williams had the biggest impact of any player on his team. We saw Team Copa without him on Saturday and they struggled to find any sort of attacking pressure. The moment that Williams showed up on the pitch for them, they were constantly putting pressure on Predator. Unfortunately, he was not awarded for his efforts, not even after a great play in which he caused a turnover in midfield and found open space towards the net. That shot went wide, but I feel like he affirmed his position as a GA signing.

Ben Lundt

I really like Ben Lundt. Not only did he make a couple of great saves (from what I was able to watch of the game), but he showed a great command of his box in the face of chaos. The play that I’m specifically referencing was a loose ball in the box and a scrum of about five, maybe six players all going after the ball. Lundt took control and got the ball out of danger. He showed some great poise there. I think that any team looking for a future keeper, he’d be it.

Stock Down:

The Stream

So, quick note, I’m not actually in Orlando to watch the games. I know, what a tragedy. But the bigger tragedy is that the stream MLS was providing apparently bugged out for about a half hour before it finally worked and I could watch the first game. I’m pretty sure I missed all of Akeem Ward and Tucker Bone’s playing time so I’m a bit miffed at that. Also missed a goal, but I did catch the Shinyashiki strike. Just a bad look for MLS. Anyway, back to the actual players.

Eduvie Ikoba

Eduvie Ikoba has continued to be unable to finish properly. Had a couple of interesting moments, but he’s just not finishing it off. The one time he did finish clinically, he was offside on a ball he didn’t really need to touch. I just can’t really find anything else to say except that he’s very physical. He’s not bad, but I just don’t think he’s done anything to help himself.

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Now that the MLS Combine is over, it’s time to take one last look at where they line up one last time. Be sure to check back in soon when we’ll finalize our Mock Draft 2.0.