Who is the best player in MLS history?

Landon Donovan: A Living Legend
Los Angeles FC v Los Angeles Galaxy
Los Angeles FC v Los Angeles Galaxy / Shaun Clark/GettyImages

When discussing who deserves the title of best player in Major League Soccer (MLS) history, it's impossible to ignore the phenomenal impact of Landon Donovan. With a career spanning over two decades, Donovan not only left his mark on American soccer fields but also elevated the level of soccer in the United States to previously unimaginable heights.

From the outset of his career, Donovan showcased exceptional talent. His technical ability, vision, and goal-scoring instinct caught the eye, quickly catapulting him to stardom in the MLS. His stints with the San Jose Earthquakes and later with the LA Galaxy left a legacy of achievements and memorable moments.

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Donovan not only shone on American soil but also made his mark in international competitions. His participation in World Cups and other tournaments representing the United States put him on the global soccer map. His crucial goals and standout performances in the world's biggest competitions solidified his status as a legend.

In addition to his skills as a player, Donovan also had a significant impact off the field. His leadership, charisma, and dedication to the development of soccer in the United States inspired a generation of young athletes. His commitment to the community and advocacy for the sport make him a respected figure not only among soccer fans but also in society at large.

Donovan's achievements throughout his career are impressive and numerous. MLS titles, individual awards, goal and assist records—his resume is undeniable proof of his excellence as a player. His influence transcended the playing field, shaping the very landscape of soccer in the United States.

Despite his remarkable contribution to American soccer, the debate over who is the best player in MLS history is heated and controversial. While some argue that Donovan is the undisputed holder of that title, others point to other names that have left their mark on the league.

Regardless of where one stands in this debate, it's undeniable that Donovan has left a lasting legacy in the MLS and American soccer as a whole. One thing is certain: Landon Donovan is and always will be a soccer legend.