What to Expect from Major League Soccer this Season?

Messi, Brazilian Players in the Spotlight, and the New Playoff Format

In recent years, Major League Soccer (MLS) has established itself as a prominent soccer league on the global stage, and the 2024 season promises to further solidify this position. With stars like Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez gracing its fields, along with the increasing number of standout Brazilian players, MLS continues to attract the spotlight of the soccer world. However, despite all the success, the league faces challenges and changes, such as the new playoff format. In this text, we'll analyze what to expect from MLS in 2024, from its stars to its most pressing issues.

Since Messi's arrival in MLS in 2022, Inter Miami has become one of the most talked-about teams in the league. With the addition of Luis Suárez this season, the Messi-Suárez duo promises to further shake up the North American soccer scene. However, despite the brilliance of the stars, Inter Miami still has a long way to go to become a powerhouse in MLS. Expectations are high, but it will take hard work to turn potential into reality.

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In addition to the presence of Messi and Suárez, Brazilian players have played a significant role in MLS. Names like João Klauss, Evander, and Artur stood out last season and will continue to be closely watched in 2024. The contribution of these players not only enriches the technical quality of the league but also attracts more attention from the Brazilian audience, strengthening the bonds between MLS and Brazil.

One of the most discussed points this season is the new playoff format, inspired by the models adopted in the 1990s in Brazil and South America. The switch to the best-of-three system brings an extra dose of excitement and unpredictability to the knockout games. However, some questions remain, such as the need for penalties to break ties in the second game in case of a draw. The new approach certainly adds an intriguing element to the competition, but its long-term effectiveness and acceptance are yet to be proven.

While the stars shine on the field, clubs face individual challenges that will shape the course of the season. The Columbus Crew, under Wilfried Nancy's leadership, seeks to maintain its excellence after clinching the MLS title the previous year. On the other hand, FC Cincinnati faces a roster overhaul, casting doubt on its ability to maintain the success achieved last season.

In addition to the sporting aspects, MLS continues to expand its cultural influence and popularity in the United States and beyond. Messi's arrival has further boosted interest in the league, reflected in increased viewership and stadium attendance. With growing support from the Latin community and a collection of jerseys acclaimed for their innovative design, MLS is solidifying its position as one of the most vibrant and exciting leagues in the world.