Tim Ream Demands Attitude from USMNT at Copa America

Will we witness a miracle? The Fulham defender makes a plea to his teammates, but is the USMNT ready to surprise?
Brazil v United States - Continental Clasico 2024
Brazil v United States - Continental Clasico 2024 / Jeremy Reper/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Amidst the expectations and challenges surrounding the United States Men's National Team at the Copa America, Tim Ream, an experienced defender from Fulham, has taken leadership upon himself to call on his teammates to show a new attitude on the field. Ream understands the current situation of the team isn't the best, and with a touch of realism, he acknowledges that few believe in a strong American campaign in the tournament. As a solid defender, he doesn't shy away from it and calls for a blazing start against Bolivia in the opening match. But is the team prepared to answer this call?

The recent months haven't been kind to the American team. A 1-1 draw against Brazil might have been a relief, but recent performances have shown inconsistency and a team far from its full potential. This is exactly what Ream emphasizes. According to him, the key to a good performance lies in starting matches with the necessary intensity, setting their own pace, and avoiding tricky situations like the one against Jamaica.

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He recalls that in the past, the United States has surprised in the continental tournament, notably in 1995, reaching the semifinals, including a historic victory over Argentina. The question remains: does the current squad have the same grit and ability to surprise?

Bolivia, the first opponent, is seen as the weakest in the group, but this shouldn't lead to complacency. Ream believes it's crucial to show their intentions in this game. A convincing victory here could mark the beginning of a campaign that silences critics and reignites the team's confidence.

However, the bigger challenge lies ahead. Uruguay and Panama complete the group, and particularly against Uruguay, a tough showdown is expected. With his experience, Ream knows that an initial victory could provide the momentum needed to face these challenges with courage and determination.

But it's not just about the defender's passionate speeches. What the American team truly needs is to turn these words into concrete actions on the field. They must demonstrate the intensity demanded by Ream from the first whistle, seeking to control the game and create opportunities. In a short tournament like the Copa America, every minute counts and there's no room for errors or complacency.

Ream's experience at Fulham, facing top-level opponents in the Premier League, gives him the authority to make such demands. He knows what it takes to compete at a high level and isn't willing to accept anything less than a total effort.

The first step will be against Bolivia, and from there, only time will tell if the USMNT is ready to surprise and perhaps repeat the heroic feats of the past.