Thiago Almada Close to Leaving Atlanta United for $20 Million

Crystal Palace, Lyon, and Botafogo Competing for Argentine Star
FC Cincinnati v Atlanta United FC
FC Cincinnati v Atlanta United FC / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Thiago Almada may be on the verge of leaving Atlanta United for a significant sum of $20 million. Eagle Soccer Holdings is leading the negotiations, with clubs like Crystal Palace, Lyon, and Botafogo involved.

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The young Argentine talent, renowned for his technical ability and vision on the field, has been the subject of intense speculation. For Eagle Soccer Holdings, this deal represents not just an investment opportunity, but a strategy to bolster their ranks with a high-caliber player. Atlanta United faces a crucial decision. The potential departure of Thiago Almada would mean not only losing a valuable asset, but also an opportunity to reinvest in the club's future.

$20 million is a considerable amount, especially in a post-pandemic market where clubs' finances are closely monitored. The transaction extends beyond the sporting aspect, encompassing financial and strategic implications that cannot be ignored.

With Crystal Palace representing the Premier League, Lyon as a stalwart of Ligue 1, and Botafogo bringing the South American perspective to the table, each club seeks not just a player, but an asset that can elevate their performance.