Thiago Almada Attracts Interest from Botafogo, Boca Juniors and Lyon

Understand Why Botafogo Faces a Tough Battle Against Boca Juniors and Lyon to Sign Thiago Almada
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Thiago Almada, the 23-year-old attacking midfielder from Atlanta United, has become the center of attention in the transfer market. After a stellar performance in Major League Soccer (MLS) and winning the World Cup with Argentina in 2022, Almada has drawn interest from European and South American clubs. Among the interested parties, Botafogo and Boca Juniors stand out, but the situation is more complex than it seems.

Lyon, from France, has also expressed interest in Thiago Almada. Almada has a clear goal: to play in Europe. Since the World Cup triumph, he has been seeking a transfer that would take him to the old continent. Almada's ambition represents a significant challenge for South American clubs wishing to sign him.

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Botafogo, under the leadership of businessman John Textor, has shown great interest in Thiago Almada. Textor is a great admirer of the player, and at the beginning of the year, Botafogo made an offer to Atlanta United. This offer was declined. Since then, Botafogo has been closely monitoring Almada's situation, waiting for an opportunity to bring the player to Brazil.

Currently, Atlanta United is willing to negotiate Thiago Almada for a value between 15 to 20 million euros. This price range is within Botafogo's possibilities, especially considering the player's appreciation and the potential impact he would have on the team. However, the biggest barrier is not financial but rather Almada's own will.

Thiago Almada has no interest in returning to play in South America at this moment. Since the 2022 World Cup, he has maintained an almost unwavering stance on his desire to play in Europe. The opportunity to compete in higher visibility leagues and face the best players in the world is an irresistible temptation for many young South American talents, and Almada is no exception.

For Botafogo, convincing Almada to reconsider and accept a transfer to Brazil would be a Herculean task. The club would need to offer not only an attractive financial package but also a convincing sports project that could rival the proposals from European clubs. This would include promises of exposure for future transfers to Europe, high-level training conditions, and the chance to be the star of a major project in Brazilian soccer.

At just 23 years old, he has already been a World Cup champion with Argentina, wears the number 10 jersey, and is the captain of the Argentine Olympic team, in addition to being a finalist for the MLS MVP award in 2023.

Who knows, maybe Botafogo or even Boca Juniors might be able to make an irresistible offer that changes the trajectory of this Argentine promise, who seems to be closer to Lyon?