Thiago Almada: An Ambitious Signing That Could Transform Botafogo

Botafogo is poised to make history with the potential signing of Argentine midfielder Thiago Almada, but the negotiation won't be easy or cheap

Atlanta United FC v Columbus Crew
Atlanta United FC v Columbus Crew / Jason Mowry/GettyImages

Botafogo is determined to shake up American soccer with an ambitious move: signing the talented Argentine midfielder Thiago Almada. Currently shining at Atlanta United, Almada is more than just your average soccer player; he's a promise, a rising star whose presence in the alvinegro squad could signify a paradigm shift for the Rio-based club.

The club has already made an impressive offer of 20 million euros for the player, showcasing their determination to bring an international-level talent to Brazil. However, as expected, the negotiation won't be easy or cheap.

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At 22 years old, Almada has already achieved remarkable feats in his career. A World Cup winner with the Argentine national team in 2022, the young midfielder also stood out in Major League Soccer (MLS), where he was a finalist for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award last season. His impressive numbers in the MLS didn't go unnoticed by Botafogo, who sees in him not only a reinforcement for the team but an opportunity to elevate the club's status.

With an annual salary of over 11 million reais, Almada is currently the highest-paid player at Atlanta United and ranks among the top 24 highest-paid players in the MLS. His signing by the American club in 2022 for a significant sum shows how highly he is valued.

Almada's numbers from last season are impressive and reveal his potential as an elite player. With 33 games played, 12 goals scored, and 16 assists, he was instrumental to Atlanta United's performance in the MLS. His average of a direct involvement in a goal every 104 minutes played demonstrates his decision-making ability and influence on the field.

Furthermore, Almada led in assists and big chances created in the MLS in 2023, showcasing his ability to create opportunities for his teammates. His successful dribbles and decisive passes per game are a testament to his exceptional creativity and vision on the field.