The Signing of Antônio Carlos by Fluminense: Between Unfounded Criticisms and a Promising Journey

Deconstructing Prejudices: The Solid Performance of the Defender at Orlando City
Sacramento Republic FC v Orlando City SC - 2022 U.S. Open Cup Final
Sacramento Republic FC v Orlando City SC - 2022 U.S. Open Cup Final / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

The recent signing of defender Antônio Carlos by Fluminense has sparked a wave of criticism from some Tricolor fans who expressed their discontent on social media and specialized forums. However, it is crucial to analyze these reactions carefully, considering the player's history and statistics during his tenure at Orlando City from 2020 to 2023.

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Impeccable Overall Performance at Orlando City

Antônio Carlos played a crucial role in Orlando City's defense, significantly contributing to solving a chronic issue that plagued the club since 2015. Over the last four seasons, the defender played in 88 matches, with an impressive 80 starts, totaling 7082 minutes on the field.

In 2023, his final season in the United States, Antônio Carlos participated in 18 games, starting in 16 of them, accumulating 1410 minutes on the field. In addition to maintaining an 86.7% passing accuracy, the defender contributed with one goal and two assists. His constant presence in the defensive sector was notable, with 12 interceptions, 19 fouls committed, and only 6 suffered. Also noteworthy is his discipline, as he received no yellow or red cards throughout the entire season.

Precision Surgical Passing Distribution

Analyzing Antônio Carlos's passing statistics highlights the defender's technical quality in distributing the ball. During his four seasons at Orlando City, he completed a total of 3303 passes with an impressive accuracy of 85.97%. In 2023, Antônio Carlos maintained excellence by completing 86.7% of his 721 passes.

The defender not only excels in passing efficiency but also in the variety of his contributions. With 395 passes resulting in shots, Antônio Carlos showcased not only his defensive ability but also his crucial role in building offensive plays for the team.

Antônio Carlos
Sacramento Republic FC v Orlando City SC - 2022 U.S. Open Cup Final / Roy K. Miller/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Significant Offensive Contribution

Contrary to criticisms suggesting that Antônio Carlos does not contribute to the offensive game, the defender's attacking statistics reveal a different reality. During his time at Orlando City, he scored four goals and provided four assists, demonstrating his versatility and impact on both sides of the field.

In 2022, even without scoring goals, Antônio Carlos contributed with 143 interceptions and 21 tackles, showing that his influence extends beyond the attack to also include the ability to regain possession for his team. This versatility is a valuable asset for any defender, and the player's signing by Fluminense can be considered a strategic addition to the squad.

Defensive Solidity: Antônio Carlos's Great Asset

Unfounded criticisms of Antônio Carlos's signing by Fluminense also overlook his significant contribution to Orlando City's defensive solidity. The defender participated in 88 games, during which the team conceded 103 goals, resulting in an average of 1.17 goals per game. It is crucial to highlight that in 21 of these matches, Orlando City kept a clean sheet.

Antônio Carlos's effectiveness in defense is further highlighted when examining his duel success rate, reaching an impressive 67.8% in 2022. Additionally, the player accumulated 148 interceptions over the four seasons, showcasing his ability to anticipate and neutralize opponent attacks.

Antônio Carlos, a Promising Acquisition for Fluminense

In light of the statistics and performance analysis, it is clear that the criticisms directed at Antônio Carlos's signing by Fluminense lack foundation. The defender, with his experience and versatility, can play a crucial role in the club's pursuit of success in future competitions.

His successful history at Orlando City, the ability to contribute both defensively and offensively, combined with his solidity in passing and tackling statistics, make Antônio Carlos a promising addition to Fluminense's squad. It is imperative that the Tricolor fans, instead of underestimating the player, welcome this signing, recognizing the defender's potential to elevate the team's level in the upcoming seasons.

Here are some criticisms from Fluminense fans regarding the signing of Antônio Carlos

"And Antônio Carlos who announced his signing even before Fluminense announced it lol"


"João Victor at Vasco
Alexander Barbosa at Botafogo
Léo Ortiz at Flamengo

And MLS star Antônio Carlos at Fluminense

Only 1 of these 4 is the current champion of the Libertadores..."


"Fluminense wants to play in the Libertadores with Éder and Antonio Carlos in defense."


"In a world without Arias, André, Nino and Diniz, hiring Antônio Carlos and Felipe Alves, where do you think Fluminense will go?"


"With all due respect, but Fluminense CONSIDERING a defender like that after being champion of America is a mockery. Who will replace Nino? He? Antonio Carlos?

And about Felipe Alves, I think it's one of the smallest problems, because even though he's a chicken, he'll only come in a few times."


"The truth is that nothing is more agonizing than the early-season transfer window.

General announcing a good player and so far Fluminense only has the (with all due respect) POSSANTE Antônio Carlos"


"Considering Fluminense's style of play, Antonio Carlos is terrible, we should look for a lighter defender with good ball release, Felipe Alves in this case is reasonable"


"Fluminense's window is very cloudy, apart from Renato, there is nothing useful.

And there’s nothing like “wait and see”.

Felipe Alves and Antônio Carlos are nothing new to anyone, everyone has seen them play, and they didn't see any brilliance anywhere they went."