The Promising Crop of Talent in MLS

Young MLS Talents Shine in the '22 Under 22' List as Benjamin Cremaschi Emerges as Inter Miami's Hidden Gem
Columbus Crew v FC Cincinnati: Eastern Conference Final - 2023 MLS Cup Playoffs
Columbus Crew v FC Cincinnati: Eastern Conference Final - 2023 MLS Cup Playoffs / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

All eyes are squarely on the rising young stars shaping the future of American soccer. The "22 Under 22" list presented by BODYARMOR for 2023 unveils a roster of prospects poised to electrify the nets and defy expectations.

In third place, Aidan Morris, midfielder for the Columbus Crew, stands out as a force to be reckoned with. His technical ability and vision on the field have fans excited about what's to come. Meanwhile, Brian Gutiérrez of the Chicago Fire FC takes the fifth spot, showcasing that the team's midfield might be the key to future successes.

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Aidan Morris, Diego Palacios
Los Angeles Football Club v Columbus Crew - 2023 MLS Cup / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages

The defense is not left behind, with John Tolkin of the New York Red Bulls and Caleb Wiley of Atlanta United securing prominent positions. Tolkin, in sixth place, and Wiley, in ninth, underscore the importance of a solid defense in a sport often dominated by goal scorers.

However, the notable absence of Benjamin Cremaschi, the talented box-to-box midfielder, from the '22 Under 22' list doesn't go unnoticed. The player, flying under the radar of the '22 Under 22,' is projected to be a crucial piece for Inter Miami CF in 2024. His versatility and promising skills point towards a bright future, even if momentarily outside the spotlight of the current list.

The '22 Under 22' list is not just a compilation of names but a window into the future of soccer in the United States. While the highlights steal the spotlight, Benjamin Cremaschi emerges as the hidden ace, ready to surprise and elevate the spectacle even further. The MLS scene has never been more thrilling, with a generation of talents ready to make their mark on the sport.