The Impact of Moise Bombito's Departure from Colorado Rapids to Botafogo and His Chances in Europe

Discover why the 24-year-old Canadian defender is on Lyon's radar and might pass through Botafogo before heading to Europe
Argentina v Canada - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024
Argentina v Canada - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024 / Omar Vega/GettyImages

Moise Bombito is a name few in Brazil know. This 24-year-old defender, currently with Colorado Rapids, is being courted by Lyon, one of the giants of French soccer. However, there’s an interesting twist to this story: there’s a possibility Bombito could be loaned to Botafogo before making a permanent move to Europe.

Bombito, who is playing in the Copa América representing the Canadian national team, is a player who stands out both for his physical presence and his versatility on the field. Standing at 1.90m tall, he is not just a robust center-back; he can also play as a defensive midfielder and even as a left-back if necessary.

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Since being drafted by Colorado Rapids in 2022, Bombito has participated in 30 games and scored 2 goals in his first two official seasons. The 2024 statistics are promising: 1.2 interceptions, 1.7 tackles, 4.9 ball recoveries, and 4.1 clearances per game, in addition to winning 59% of his duels, 60% of ground duels, and 58% of aerial duels.

Bombito is not just about numbers. His impressive speed, reaching up to 37 km/h on the field, is an additional asset he brings to his game. A defender who combines height, strength, speed, and aerial ability is a complete package any coach would want. But like any young talent, he has areas to improve, such as his ball distribution and building play from the back.

The possibility of Bombito being loaned to Botafogo before moving to Lyon is a smart move for all parties involved. For Lyon, it’s a way to prepare the player for European soccer, ensuring he is adapted and ready for the challenge. For Botafogo, it’s a chance to have a defender of great potential who can not only strengthen the team’s defense but also add value to the squad with his international experience and physical, dynamic style of play. For Bombito, this gradual transition could be the perfect step to solidify his career. Adapting to Brazilian soccer, known for its intensity and technique, can provide him with valuable experience, preparing him for the rigors of European soccer.

But who is Moise Bombito really? Besides his skills on the field, in 2023, he suffered a knee injury that kept him off the pitch for two months, but he came back even stronger, showing admirable physical and mental recovery.

Obviously, time will tell if Bombito can quickly adapt to the pace of the Brasileirão and later to European soccer. But considering his track record and characteristics, the chances are high that he will excel.

Is it worth it for Botafogo to invest in Bombito? Absolutely. It’s a signing that, despite the natural risk of adaptation, has great potential for return. A young defender with impressive physical attributes and dominant aerial play is always a valuable addition to any squad. If well-developed, he can not only solve immediate defensive problems but also become a key player.

Moise Bombito has everything to be one of the great defenders of the next decade, and his stint at Botafogo could be the perfect springboard for a brilliant career in Europe.