Talles Magno Returning to Brazil?

Hot negotiations, astronomical values, and high expectations
New York City FC v D.C. United
New York City FC v D.C. United / Jose L. Argueta/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Forward Talles Magno, currently playing for New York City FC, is on the radar of two Brazilian teams: Bahia and Atlético-MG.

Since being acquired by New York City in 2021, Talles Magno has experienced ups and downs. The player, who began in Vasco's youth system, quickly showcased his worth in the U.S. In 2022, his performance was nothing short of applause-worthy, with 11 goals and seven assists. It was a year of glory, crowned with the Major League Soccer (MLS) title alongside teammate Nicolás Acevedo, also a star of the City Group team. But, like a goal that hits the post with a loud bang, 2023 brought frustration and underperformance: just four goals in 34 matches.

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Bahia opened talks with New York City, aiming to shape a favorable deal. The partnership with the City Group facilitates the dialogue, but the American club isn't willing to part with their star for a low price. The set price is high: $15 million, an amount that made Vasco, one of the first interested parties, back off when faced with the conditions. No mandatory purchase clause, no deal.

However, Atlético-MG, with the ambition of a rooster seeking precious grains, keeps the negotiations open. Is the club from Minas Gerais willing to shell out the demanded amount and secure a player who has already shown ample talent but needs to rediscover his scoring path?

Bahia, on the other hand, bets on its good relationship with the City Group to close the deal. Nicolás Acevedo, MLS champion in 2022, came to the Bahian club on loan and is now in his second year defending the tricolor colors. Acevedo's experience could inspire Talles Magno, who might see Bahia as an opportunity to regain his form and shine again on Brazilian soil.

Talles Magno, at 22, still has a lot of soccer to show. His initial cost of $10 million was already an indicator of his potential. The player has the agility of a cat and the precision of an archer. Returning to Brazil might be the chance to rescue his best form and dazzle fans with dazzling dribbles and memorable goals.

Talles Magno's return to Brazilian soccer is not just a market move; it's the promise that national talent, even when exported, can come back to write new chapters of glory on the fields. Bahia, with its tradition and connection to the City Group, seems to have a slight edge, but Atlético-MG, with its strength and determination, isn't willing to give up ground easily.