Sergio Ramos could join San Diego FC in the MLS

Sergio Ramos could make an impact with his arrival, attracting great visibility to San Diego FC
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Sergio Ramos' career could be about to take a new turn, with the Spanish defender in advanced negotiations with San Diego FC. After a season back at Sevilla, Ramos has decided to say goodbye to the club and is evaluating his options for the next step. San Diego FC, who will make their MLS debut in 2025, see Ramos as a key player in raising the level of the team.

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Sergio Ramos, one of the greatest defenders of his generation, has struggled with injuries and finding top form in recent years, especially during his time at Paris Saint-Germain. However, he still shows great skill and leadership on the pitch. Last season for Sevilla, Ramos played 37 games, scored seven goals and contributed one assist, showing that he still has a lot to offer.

San Diego FC are willing to sign Ramos as one of the club's designated players, allowing him to earn a salary above the MLS ceiling. This signing would not only bring in a player of international caliber, but would also raise the club's profile and attract fans and global attention, increasing the visibility of the team and MLS.

As well as interest from San Diego FC, Ramos has also been the subject of offers from Saudi Arabian soccer. However, the opportunity to play in California, an attractive destination both personally and professionally, seems to be weighing on the player's decision.

Ramos' arrival at San Diego FC would be a significant milestone for the team and the MLS. The winning spirit of the defender, who has won a World Cup, two Euros with the Spanish national team and numerous titles with Real Madrid, would bring a championship mentality to the new club.

While negotiations continue, the expectation is that Ramos will make his decision in the coming weeks, preparing for a new chapter in his career. For San Diego FC, his signing would be a big step towards an impactful debut in the MLS, with an icon of world soccer leading the team's defense.