Rafael Santos Bets on a Turnaround for Orlando City After MLS Break

FIFA Break is Key for Orlando City to Rediscover Their Best Soccer and Surprise in the Final Stretch of the Season
Inter Miami CF v Orlando City SC
Inter Miami CF v Orlando City SC / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

The MLS break during the FIFA dates always brings heated discussions. Some see it as an inconvenient interruption in the teams' rhythm, while others, like Rafael Santos, defender of Orlando City, see it as a golden opportunity. For the Brazilian, this interruption is much more than just a simple break; it's a strategic moment to reorganize, rest, and strengthen the team for the remainder of the season.

According to him, the FIFA break is a valuable opportunity, especially for teams like Orlando City, which are looking to reverse a below-expectation start to the season and establish themselves among the best.

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"I believe the FIFA break always helps, especially for teams that are looking to react in the championship, like us. It's a period that breaks the game rhythm, but we also have more time to prepare, improve our collective performance, and the rest definitely helps," stated Rafael Santos.

With the return of the MLS, Orlando City has a significant challenge ahead: facing LAFC, the second-place team in the Western Conference, at home, in INTER&CO Stadium. It's Orlando City's chance to show that the break was well used and that the team is ready to turn things around.

Rafael Santos emphasizes the importance of playing at home and the strength that the support of the fans can provide.

"Now we have a tough sequence, but we always focus on the next game. We know the quality of LAFC, which has one of the best campaigns in the competition, but we have to prepare well and take advantage of our home strength, the support of our fans, to achieve a victory and turn things around to stay among the teams fighting for classification," he projected.

For Orlando City, a semifinalist in the Eastern Conference in 2023, the expectations are high. The fans, who always show up in large numbers at INTER&CO Stadium, hope that the team can translate the preparation made during the break into important victories. The game against LAFC will be a true test of fire, but also a golden opportunity to show the team's evolution.