Palmeiras and Atuesta: A Necessary Farewell Towards MLS

Midfielder's Loan Deal to LAFC Signals a Significant Shift
Palmeiras v Goias - Brasileirao 2022
Palmeiras v Goias - Brasileirao 2022 / Ricardo Moreira/GettyImages

A piece of news resonated and stirred up the backstage of Palmeiras: the imminent loan of midfielder Eduard Atuesta to Los Angeles FC (LAFC). This decision, still in the process of being finalized, represents not only a geographical change in the Colombian player's career but also a turning point in his journey with Alviverde.

Since his arrival in 2022, the 26-year-old Atuesta brought with him a set of skills acquired in American soccer, specifically at LAFC, the club that caught his attention before his transfer to Brazil. However, despite the expectations generated by his signing, the player couldn't establish himself as an absolute starter during his time at Palestra Itália.

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Atuesta's journey with Palmeiras is marked by highs and lows, with moments of brilliance and others of difficulties. His contribution to the conquest of two consecutive Brasileirões (2022 and 2023) cannot be underestimated, but the lack of consistency in the starting position became a constant. Last year, a knee injury significantly limited his playing time, resulting in only seven games played.

The choice for a loan to LAFC, a club where he had previously excelled, suggests a quest for a new cycle in Atuesta's career. Palmeiras, in turn, opens up space for tactical reorganization and potential new signings. The negotiation, still pending some details, seems to be beneficial for both parties.

Eduard Atuesta
Palmeiras v Sao Paulo - Brasileirao 2022 / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

The considerable investment made by Palmeiras in 2022 to bring Atuesta, around $4 million, makes the expectations placed on the player understandable. However, soccer is a dynamic universe, and adaptation is not always immediate. The Colombian midfielder leaves the Brazilian club with modest numbers – two goals and two assists in 60 matches – but his impact goes beyond statistics.

The injury that kept him off the field for much of the last season should not be forgotten. The return after knee surgery is always a challenge, and Atuesta faced this battle with resilience. His dedication and effort to recover deserve recognition, even if the on-field results were not as impressive as expected.

Tactically, Palmeiras will now have the opportunity to rethink its midfield configuration. Atuesta's departure may open up space for the rise of young talents from the academy or the pursuit of reinforcements that fit perfectly into the coach's strategy. Soccer is a game of movable pieces, and each transfer provides a chance for adjustments and evolution.

MLS, on the other hand, welcomes with open arms a player who has already left his mark on the North American scene. Atuesta's return to LAFC not only strengthens the team's roster but also symbolizes the internationalization of American soccer. The presence of renowned players from other parts of the world contributes to raising the level of competition and attracting a more diverse audience.

The imminent move of Atuesta to LAFC represents a new chapter for Palmeiras and an opportunity for a fresh start for the Colombian player. The transaction, still awaiting some details to be finalized, reflects the constant transformations in the world of soccer, where players and clubs seek paths that align better with their goals and expectations.