Orlando City is betting on young prospect Jeorgio Kocevski to strengthen the midfield

Signing the 21-year-old midfielder brings hope to Orlando City SC fans for the season

2022 Division I Men's Soccer Championship
2022 Division I Men's Soccer Championship / Andy Mead/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Orlando City SC has embarked on its journey towards the 2024 MLS season with a bold move, securing the talented midfielder Jeorgio Kocevski. At just 21 years old, Kocevski brings with him a promising track record at Syracuse University and a notable presence in Orlando City's preseason training. The signing of the young player not only demonstrates the club's ambition to bolster its squad but also suggests a strategic vision for the future.

By selecting Jeorgio Kocevski as the 21st overall pick in the 2024 MLS Super Draft, Orlando City SC has not only identified an emerging talent but also shown its determination to invest in youth and the development of promising players. In a league known for its competitiveness and for providing a fertile ground for young talents to flourish, Orlando City's decision to bet on Kocevski may prove to be a smart long-term move.

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Assessing Kocevski's performance during preseason, it's evident that the young player is not just making up the numbers in the squad but rather competing on equal footing with more experienced players. His participation in a friendly against Flamengo, where he stood out against some of the best talents in Brazilian soccer, is an encouraging sign of what he can offer the team during the MLS season.

In addition to his technical potential, Jeorgio Kocevski brings with him a track record of collegiate success. His impressive numbers during his time at Syracuse University, including 7 goals and 18 assists in 71 games, reflect his ability to influence the game both offensively and defensively. His achievement as Co-Champion Midfielder of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) as a senior and his contribution to Orange's victory in the 2022 NCAA showcase his ability to shine in decisive moments.

Kocevski's arrival can also be seen as a response to Orlando City SC's ambition to maintain its rise in the MLS. With a previous season that saw a record-breaking 63 points, the club is determined to build on that success and continue challenging the top contenders in the league. The inclusion of a young talent like Kocevski in the squad not only adds depth and quality but also infuses new energy and enthusiasm into the team.

It's important to recognize that transitioning from collegiate success to the professionalism of the MLS can present challenges. The pressure to compete at a higher level, along with the intensity and pace of the game, will require Kocevski to adapt quickly to maximize his potential. This is where guidance and support from the coaching staff and more experienced players can play a crucial role in his ongoing development.