Orlando City fans are apprehensive about the possible departure of Antônio Carlos to Fluminense

Expectations and uncertainties surround the supporters amid advanced negotiations
Orlando City SC v Inter Miami CF
Orlando City SC v Inter Miami CF / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Orlando City fans are experiencing moments of apprehension with the news that defender Antônio Carlos may be on his way to Fluminense for the 2024 season. Speculations gained strength after the football director of the Rio de Janeiro club, Paulo Angioni, revealed in an interview with the "Charla Podcast" that the negotiations are in an advanced stage.

"We will make specific signings. We have a defender well advanced in this process, which is Antônio Carlos. And we are waiting for Fernando to speak up in other positions. We are concerned about the possibility of departures. They won't be many. If two leave, it's a reasonable size, and we will work specifically," said Paulo Angioni, grabbing the attention of Orlando City fans.

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The potential transfer of Antônio Carlos to Fluminense comes as a turnaround, considering that Orlando City retained the player during the last transfer window with a contract valid until the end of the year. However, the clause allowing the American club to unilaterally renew the player's contract until the end of 2024 adds an element of uncertainty.


The fans, accustomed to the defensive solidity provided by Antônio Carlos, now eagerly await more information about the outcome of the negotiations. The prospect of losing an important player for the next season sparks debates among the supporters, who are torn between understanding the player's needs and the desire to keep him in the squad.

Paulo Angioni's statement about specific negotiations and concern about possible departures resonates among Orlando City fans, who see the defender as a key piece for the team's success. The outcome of this story will have an impact not only on Fluminense but also on the passion and expectations of the vibrant Orlando City fan base.