MLS Makes History in Copa America

MLS Players Dominate Call-ups
Guatemala v Argentina - International Friendly
Guatemala v Argentina - International Friendly / Omar Vega/GettyImages

In recent years, Major League Soccer (MLS) has witnessed impressive growth. This season, the North American league not only solidifies its position as a rising powerhouse but also stands out for the influence it exerts in Copa America.

With the competition set to kick off this Thursday, MLS celebrates a record: 40 players from its ranks have been called up to represent their countries in Copa America.

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Spread across 21 out of 29 MLS clubs, the called-up players showcase a vibrant and multilateral panorama of soccer in the Americas. Montreal and Minnesota stand out as the clubs with the highest number of selected athletes, each contributing 4 players to their respective national teams.

Among the countries represented by MLS players, Canada leads with 14 call-ups, demonstrating the significant impact the league has had in the country. Beyond the impressive numbers, it's impossible to ignore the heavyweight names included in this list of call-ups. International stars like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Matias Rojas of Inter Miami, along with Adalberto Carrasquilla from Houston Dynamo, stand out as key MLS players poised to shine on Copa America's fields.

The presence of these stars in MLS represents not only an opportunity to elevate the technical level of soccer in the United States and Canada but also an affirmation of the league's economic and sporting potential.

Not only for the epic matches on South American fields but also for MLS's decisive contribution to the success and popularity of Copa America.