Miles Robinson Defies Expectations in the USMNT

Learn about Miles Robinson's journey and how he is redefining the role of MLS players in the USMNT
Colombia v United States
Colombia v United States / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Miles Robinson, defender for FC Cincinnati and a key player for the USMNT, embodies determination and excellence. At 26, he not only represents his country but also shapes the future of American soccer, challenging established conventions.

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At a time when many young players seek European glory to validate their careers, Robinson chose a less conventional path by joining MLS with FC Cincinnati. Critics might question his decision, suggesting a move abroad would better align with his ambitions and national team expectations. Robinson wasn't swayed by external opinions, opting to stay in the United States to strengthen his foundation and elevate the standard of domestic soccer.

Raised in Arlington, Massachusetts, he grew up immersed in the rich American cultural tradition, deeply influenced by his father's legacy as a jazz musician. This blend of technical talent and improvisation characterizes his playing style, making him a formidable defender both in MLS and on the national stage. His ability to adapt and lead, even among a predominantly young group, underscores his importance on and off the field.

While the debate over whether key players should stay in MLS or seek European experience continues, Robinson's choice to remain in the United States can be seen as a catalyst for change in American soccer.