Matheus Rosseto: Between MLS Intensity and the European Dream

Midfielder reveals Messi's impact, reminisces about his journey at Athletico, and expresses desire to conquer Europe
Internacional v Atletico PR - Brasileirao Series A 2018
Internacional v Atletico PR - Brasileirao Series A 2018 / Lucas Uebel/GettyImages

In a revealing interview with GE, Matheus Rosseto shared his significant experiences, from his trajectory at Athletico to his stint in Major League Soccer (MLS). The midfielder, who traded the Furacão for American soccer in 2020, reflects on his time in the MLS, highlighting the intensity and technical level of the players, while also disclosing the impact of Lionel Messi's arrival in the league.

Rosseto, a Copa do Brasil and Sul-Americana champion with Athletico, speaks highly of his experience in the USA, describing it as positive and enriching. When mentioning Messi's presence in the MLS, he emphasizes how the Argentine star transformed the league's landscape, not only raising the technical standard but also increasing its visibility among the media and fans.

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Looking back, the player expresses gratitude to Athletico, highlighting the importance of coaches like Autuori, Diniz, and Tiago Nunes in his development. However, it is with Fernando Diniz that Rosseto emphasizes a significant influence, not only in the technical aspect of the game but also in his evolution as a human being.

Gabriel Dias, Matheus Rosseto
Internacional v Atletico PR - Brasileirao Series A 2018 / Lucas Uebel/GettyImages

After four seasons in the MLS, where he played 98 matches, Rosseto now finds himself a free agent. In a moment of uncertainty about his future, the midfielder reveals his focus on maintaining his physical condition while awaiting proposals. His dream is clear: to cross the Atlantic and conquer the major European championships, regardless of the club.

Amidst rumors and speculations, Matheus Rosseto's interview with GE makes it clear that the player is determined to seek new challenges, whether in the intensity of the MLS or in the realization of his European dream.