Julián Carranza from Philadelphia Union One Step Away from Feyenoord

Philadelphia Union and Feyenoord are about to finalize a deal
Los Angeles Football Club v Philadelphia Union
Los Angeles Football Club v Philadelphia Union / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Now it's Julián Carranza's turn, the Argentine striker from Philadelphia Union, to be in the spotlight. At 24 years old, Carranza is on the verge of making a significant leap in his career by transferring to the Dutch giant Feyenoord.

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Reliable sources indicate that Feyenoord is very close to finalizing an agreement with Philadelphia Union to secure Carranza's services. And it's no wonder: the young striker has shown impressive performance in Major League Soccer (MLS), standing out for his finishing ability and game vision. With a personal agreement already in place between the player and the Dutch club, only the final consensus between the clubs remains for the transfer to be made official.

The search for reinforcements has been a priority for Feyenoord, who sees Carranza as the missing piece to complete their offensive puzzle. Carranza, with his dynamic playing style and goal-scoring instinct, perfectly fits the profile desired by Feyenoord.

For Feyenoord, Carranza's arrival could mean a significant strengthening of their squad, especially in a season where domestic competition and European ambitions demand depth and quality. The experience Carranza has gained in MLS, where he faced some of the best defenders, will be an invaluable asset for Feyenoord.