Javier Milei Asserts Messi Surpasses Maradona as the Greatest Soccer Player of All Time

Argentinian President Praises Messi and Reinforces his Importance to the Country
Javier Milei Closes Campaign Ahead of Presidential Runoff in Argentina
Javier Milei Closes Campaign Ahead of Presidential Runoff in Argentina / Tomas Cuesta/GettyImages

In a recent statement, Argentina's president, Javier Milei, reaffirmed his conviction that Lionel Messi surpasses Diego Maradona as the greatest soccer player of all time. This assertion, coming from a political leader known for his frankness and passion for the sport, not only highlights Messi's excellence as an athlete but also underscores the depth of Argentine pride in one of its greatest icons.

Since assuming the presidency in December 2023, Javier Milei has stood out for his straightforward approach and willingness to address important issues to improve the lives of the population, whether in the political, economic, or sports spheres. His recent statement about Messi and Maradona not only reflects his love for soccer but also resonates with an opinion shared by many fans and experts around the world.

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By praising Messi as the greatest soccer player in history, Milei not only acknowledges the achievements and skills of the Argentine superstar but also highlights his global influence as one of the most important Argentinians in the world. Through his words, Milei demonstrates a deep respect for Messi, recognizing not only his talent on the field but also his ability to inspire and unite people around the world.

"Maradona was a wonderful soccer player who left us unforgettable moments, although in my opinion, he was not among the best. At the same time, on a human level, I believe he was unfairly criticized because what he did with his life was his own problem. His life, his property."

Javier Milei

Furthermore, Milei's courage in expressing his opinion on such a polarizing issue as the comparison between Messi and Maradona shows his authenticity and transparency as a leader. In a world where many politicians opt for diplomacy and moderation in their statements, Milei stands out for his frankness and willingness to defend his convictions, even if it means diverging from popular opinion.

"I never had the opportunity to speak with him. I would love to, it must be interesting. I will talk to the most important Argentinians in the world. I spoke with the Pope, with Máxima (Zorreguieta)… Maybe I'll be lucky and manage to speak with Messi."


It is important to note that, in addition to his love for soccer, Milei has also demonstrated a firm commitment to the development of Argentina. Since taking office, he has worked tirelessly to promote policies that encourage the growth and modernization of the country, from economic matters to sports issues, including debates on the possibility of Argentine soccer clubs becoming corporations. His passion for sports is not limited to words alone but translates into concrete actions aimed at strengthening and revitalizing the Argentine sports industry as a whole.

In light of this, it is evident that Javier Milei is not only a political leader but also a fervent advocate of sports and its prominent figures. His recent statement about Messi and Maradona not only highlights his admiration for the player's talent but also reinforces his belief in the importance of sports as a unifying and inspiring force in Argentine society.

At a time when the world is fraught with divisions and conflicts, it is comforting to see a political leader as passionate and authentic as Javier Milei, who is not afraid to express his opinion and defend what he believes in. His statement about Messi and Maradona not only underscores the excellence of Argentine sports but also reminds us of the importance of valuing cultural icons, who continue to inspire and unite people around the world.