Inter Miami exposes vulnerabilities but defeats Real Salt Lake: Analysis of the first match of the season

Despite the victory, Inter Miami's performance reveals defensive weaknesses and lessons for the season


The start of the 2024 Major League Soccer (MLS) season brought a mix of emotions for Inter Miami fans. While the team secured a 2-0 win over Real Salt Lake, the match made clear some weaknesses that need to be addressed throughout the season. The performance, although positive in the final score, raises questions about the consistency and the team's ability to face stronger opponents.

From the beginning of the game, Inter Miami showed its offensive strength with the presence of Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez, who caused constant problems for Real Salt Lake's defense. However, the lack of efficiency in finishing and the defensive vulnerability exposed during the confrontation are aspects that cannot be ignored.

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Messi and Suárez's brilliant performance overshadowed, to some extent, Inter Miami's defensive deficiencies. However, even with the lead on the scoreboard, the team showed difficulties in maintaining organization and concentration throughout the 90 minutes. The goal conceded by Zac MacMath of Real Salt Lake, resulting from an individual mistake, highlights the need for greater solidity from Inter Miami.

The psychological pressure of facing renowned players like Messi and Suárez may have contributed to the errors made by Real Salt Lake, but this cannot serve as justification for Inter Miami's failures. It is necessary to recognize that, despite individual talent, success in soccer is built through teamwork and tactical discipline.

Coach Pablo Mastroeni acknowledges the importance of facing high-level opponents but emphasizes the need to maintain confidence and determination, even in the face of intimidating challenges. The ability to learn from mistakes and adapt throughout the season will be crucial to Inter Miami's success.

Furthermore, the analysis of the match points to a worrying trend: Inter Miami's defensive fragility may be exploited by more qualified opponents. The lack of consistency and solidity at the back calls into question the team's aspirations in more competitive competitions.

The opinion of experts, such as former player Taylor Twellman, highlights the importance of confronting Inter Miami's weaknesses head-on. Teams like Orlando City, Cincinnati, and New England are alert to the opportunities that may arise from the opponent's vulnerabilities. Intense pressure on Inter Miami's defense may become a common strategy among competitors in the MLS Eastern Conference.

Inter Miami will face a series of challenges, both on and off the field. The match against LA Galaxy will be another opportunity for the team to show its ability to overcome and evolve. The team's response to criticism and adversity will be crucial to its performance throughout the championship.

Inter Miami's victory over Real Salt Lake is a positive step, but it cannot mask the vulnerabilities highlighted during the match. The team needs to work hard to correct its mistakes and strengthen its defense if it wants to achieve its goals in the 2024 MLS season.