How to Watch Concacaf Champions Cup Live?

Competition Broadcasts Reflect Growth in International Interest

Tigres UANL v Monterrey - CONCACAF CHampions League 2019
Tigres UANL v Monterrey - CONCACAF CHampions League 2019 / Azael Rodriguez/GettyImages

Soccer is a sport that transcends borders, languages, and cultures, and the Concacaf Champions Cup is proving to be a powerful catalyst for this global connection. With elite clubs representing countries from North, Central, and the Caribbean, and even from the southern part of the Americas, the competition is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. But where to watch these exciting matches? The answer lies in broadcasting channels spread across the globe, reflecting the reach and growing appeal of the region's soccer.

In the heart of the Caribbean, where vibrant colors and captivating rhythms are as emblematic as beautiful goals, ESPN stands out as the official broadcaster of the Concacaf Champions Cup. While it's possible that some fans may prefer other forms of entertainment, soccer is quickly establishing itself as a shared passion throughout the region, with ESPN providing an accessible platform for fans to follow their favorite clubs.

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Moving to Central America, where fierce rivalries between neighboring countries add an extra layer of intensity to the games, ESPN once again takes the stage, bringing together fans of all nationalities around the excitement of soccer. Passionate commentary and expert analysis ensure that each match is a memorable experience, regardless of the final outcome.

Advancing northward, we find a diversity of broadcasting options that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of North America. In Canada, where ice hockey traditionally dominates the sports scene, OneSoccer offers a bilingual platform for soccer fans to closely follow their favorite clubs. Meanwhile, in Mexico, where soccer is practically a religion, FOX Sports provides comprehensive coverage, capturing the passion and excitement that permeate each game.

In the United States, a country of immigrants and one of the most diverse nations in the world, diversity is reflected in the variety of broadcasting options available. With FOX providing English coverage and Televisa Univision broadcasting in Spanish, soccer fans are assured of finding a way to watch the games, regardless of the language they prefer.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, interest in Concacaf soccer continues to grow. From Asia to Europe, from Africa to Oceania, fans have the opportunity to tune in and witness the excitement of the Concacaf Champions Cup. Platforms like Concacaf GO and YouTube offer English broadcasts to a global audience, while local channels, such as Astro in Malaysia and RMC in France, ensure that fans worldwide don't miss a single moment of the action.

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Caribbean, Central America, South America, Netherlands, and Africa: ESPN

Canada: OneSoccer

Mexico: FOX Sports

United States: FOX and Televisa Univision

Brunei: Astro

China: Zhibo8

France: RMC

India: FanCode

Israel: Charlton

Malaysia: Astro

Spain: Movistar

Vietnam: Viettel

Other regions of the world: Concacaf GO