How To Watch and Match Preview: LAFC vs. Seattle Sounders - MLS - 02/24/2024

Intense preparations mark Seattle Sounders' return to Major League Soccer (MLS) against LAFC, seeking redemption after last season's playoff defeat

Los Angeles Football Club v Columbus Crew - 2023 MLS Cup
Los Angeles Football Club v Columbus Crew - 2023 MLS Cup / Zach Sanderson/ISI Photos/GettyImages

This Saturday, February 24th, marks the kickoff for both teams in the Major League Soccer (MLS) season, and all eyes are on the clash between Seattle Sounders and Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). For the Sounders, the match isn't just the opening of a new season but rather a chance for redemption after last season's playoff loss to the same opponent in the Western Conference.

Seattle Sounders' players are eagerly anticipating this moment, seeing it as an opportunity to showcase the progress made since their last defeat. Midfielder Josh Atencio expressed the team's confidence, stating, "I think we had what it took to beat them last year. But we've made changes and improved since then, so I think all the guys are ready, and I definitely think it's a game we should win."

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These changes include the addition of new talents to the roster, such as Pedro de la Vega in attack and Danny Musovski, Nathan, and Jonathan Bell in defense. The Sounders are optimistic about these new acquisitions, hoping they bolster both the offensive and defensive sectors of the team.

In addition to roster changes, preparation during the preseason has also been highlighted by the players. Midfielder Cristian Roldan commented on the team's physical preparation, mentioning they were in good shape and ready for the challenge. This intense preparation, combined with tactical analysis of the opponent, showcases the Sounders' commitment to starting the season on the right foot.

The match will take place in Los Angeles, but fans unable to attend the stadium will still have the opportunity to watch the game. The showdown will be streamed for free on Apple TV, with narration options available in both English and Spanish. There will be no geographical blocks or restrictions, allowing fans around the world to tune in without any cost.

The Sounders are aware of the challenge awaiting them in Los Angeles but are confident in their ability to execute the game plan and come out with the victory. Atencio stated, "We've got a good game plan, and I think we've done the things in the video room and on the field that we need to do to break them down and find ways to get playing." With a well-defined strategy and a motivated team, the Sounders are ready to take on any opponent they encounter on their path.