How Is The USA's Form?

Is the United States U-23 national team ready to face bigger challenges?
Japan U23 v United States U23
Japan U23 v United States U23 / Andrea Vilchez/ISI Photos/USSF/GettyImages

The recent performance of the United States U-23 national team has been a hot topic. After all, what should we expect from a team that has only won once in three friendlies this year? Let's dive into these games to understand if we're witnessing the dawn of a glorious era or a sign of impending struggles.

First, let's remember the match against Guinea in March. A resounding 3-0, a result that filled fans with hope. In that game, we saw the American team demonstrate dominance and skill, making the opponents look lost on the field. It was like watching a perfect performance, with every player shining brightly.

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But then came the clash against France, also in March. Ah, French soccer, with its mix of finesse and strength, proved to be a tougher opponent. A 2-2 draw left a bittersweet taste. The American goals were sparks of hope, igniting the desire to see more from the team. But at the same time, the goals conceded were like a cold shower.

Then we come to the last friendly, in June, against Japan. A bitter end: 2-0 to the Japanese. This game was a real wake-up call. The Japanese, with their tactical discipline and speed, dismantled the American defense like a house of cards in a windstorm. It was a game where the US team seemed a bit lost, like they were sailing without a map in uncharted waters.

The big question that arises from these results is: where's the problem? Some would say the lack of experience weighs heavily, others might point to the need for better tactical preparation. The truth probably lies in a combination of these factors.

The US U-23 team is on an odyssey, facing soccer's monsters and gods. And, like in any good story, there are highs and lows, moments of triumph and despair.

How the team responds to these adversities is what really defines their future. Will the American team let itself be defeated by the losses? Or will they use these experiences as fuel to become stronger?

The US U-23 team has all the ingredients to become a powerhouse. But it takes more than just technical skill.