How Did the USMNT Prove Its Worth Against Brazil?

USMNT Shows It Can Take on Giants
Brazil v United States - Continental Clasico 2024
Brazil v United States - Continental Clasico 2024 / Douglas Defelice/USSF/GettyImages

In their recent series of matches, the United States Men's National Team (USMNT) displayed a performance that turned heads. Facing the mighty Brazil, the American team showed it can compete toe-to-toe with the world's top teams, much like it did in the 2022 World Cup against England. This newfound reality brings a wave of optimism and renewed expectations, especially with the approaching Copa America.

Christian Pulisic emerged as the standout, taking charge on the field and setting the tone following a tough match against Colombia. Pulisic not only showcased his technical prowess but also the maturity required to lead the team in critical moments.

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Another player deserving of praise is Joe Scally. The young full-back demonstrated defensive solidity and an attacking prowess that few expected. His growth in recent months has been remarkable, and his performance against Brazil confirmed his potential to become a cornerstone of the USMNT.

The midfield had a largely positive outing throughout the game. However, significant lapses in ball distribution were noted, echoing a pattern seen against Colombia. These passing errors can prove costly in high-intensity games, where a loss of possession can quickly turn into a scoring opportunity for the opponent.

The match against Brazil, despite showcasing a Brazilian side below its best, served as proof that the United States has the capability to compete at the highest level. The experience gained from such matches is invaluable for a developing team. The confidence gained from facing and performing well against elite squads cannot be underestimated. Similarly, the match against England in the 2022 World Cup was a turning point.

It is hoped that the defeat to Colombia has served as a lesson. The USMNT needs to be more cautious and recognize immediate dangers when possession is lost. The ability to adapt quickly and correct these errors will be crucial to success in the Copa America.