Hammarby Close to Signing Discredited MLS Defender

Is Victor Eriksson returning to Sweden? Hammarby is on the verge of striking a deal with the defender who saw limited playtime in the United States
St Patrick's Athletic v Minnesota United FC
St Patrick's Athletic v Minnesota United FC / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages

Hammarby, the traditional Swedish club, is poised to make a bold move. After selling Edvin Kurtulus to Ludogorets in Bulgaria, Hammarby is already eyeing their next reinforcement: Victor Eriksson from Minnesota United.

Firstly, let's recall the recent sale of Edvin Kurtulus. The young defender, who had been standing out at Hammarby, was transferred to Ludogorets, a club that has been gaining prominence. The deal not only filled the Swedish club's coffers but also secured a 20% resale clause. In other words, if Kurtulus is sold again, 20% of the transfer fee will go straight to Hammarby.

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Now, attention turns to Victor Eriksson. The center-back, who moved to Minnesota United last winter, had a quiet stint there. The lack of playing time has led to speculation about his return to Sweden. And this is where Hammarby's boldness comes in. Instead of pursuing a high-profile player from the market, the management chooses to bet on Eriksson.

It's important to highlight that this negotiation is in its final stages. Talks between Hammarby and Minnesota United are advanced, and there's growing optimism that the deal will be sealed soon.

Bringing back a player discredited in the MLS may seem like a questionable decision, but it's important to remember that soccer is full of surprises. Often, players who don't quite fit into a particular league find their best form in a different environment—one that is more familiar and with a playing style that suits their strengths. The playing time Eriksson lacked in the MLS could be compensated with the confidence and continuity he will surely find at Hammarby.