Grêmio's Disappointment with Lucas Besozzi and His New Opportunity in MLS

Argentine Player Unlikely to Stay with Grêmio and Could Be Close to Playing in the United States
Internacional v Gremio - Brasileirao 2023
Internacional v Gremio - Brasileirao 2023 / Pedro H. Tesch/GettyImages

Lucas Besozzi, an Argentine on loan from Lanús to Grêmio, is about to leave Brazil to play in the United States. MLS Multiplex has reported that two Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs have already expressed interest in the player, who performed below expectations at the Brazilian club.

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At 21 years old, Besozzi arrived at Grêmio with the hope of being one of the standout players under the management of Renato Portaluppi. However, he failed to impress the coaching staff and will leave the Brazilian club at the end of his loan contract in June.

Besozzi's transfer fee was set at 4 million dollars, a figure that, in light of his performance, seems high. However, Lanús does not rule out the possibility of a new loan.

MLS, with its growing competitiveness and global visibility, could be the perfect environment for Besozzi to regain his confidence and showcase his full potential. North American soccer has proven to be fertile ground for players seeking rehabilitation and new opportunities. Additionally, the league is constantly expanding, with an increasingly engaged audience and infrastructure that often surpasses that of traditional clubs in other countries.