Gregg Berhalter to Be Fired? Christian Pulisic Leaves Fans in a Frenzy

After the Copa America failure, Pulisic's cryptic message fuels speculation about the future of the USMNT coach
United States v Uruguay - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024
United States v Uruguay - CONMEBOL Copa America USA 2024 / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The atmosphere in American soccer is boiling. And it's no wonder. The national team, led by Gregg Berhalter, put on a dismal performance in the Copa America. A premature elimination in the group stage, sealed with a painful loss to Uruguay, left fans stunned and hungry for change. And as if that wasn’t enough, Christian Pulisic added fuel to the fire with an enigmatic message to the fans. Is Berhalter’s time up?

The tournament, held on American soil, was supposed to be a grand soccer fest. But instead, it turned into a nightmare. The 1-0 defeat to Uruguay was the last straw, ending a mediocre campaign already marred by an unexpected loss to Panama. The dream turned to smoke, and the pressure on Berhalter reached stratospheric levels. Fans’ hopes were shredded like a popped balloon, and now the coach faces a colossal battle to keep his job until the 2026 World Cup.

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Pulisic's message hit like thunder in an already stormy sky. "You deserve and will have better days, US fans. Better days are coming," he wrote on his Instagram story, accompanied by a photo of himself, looking like a lone hero amid the chaos. Then he added, "Time to rest a bit before a big season."

Pulisic knows exactly the weight of his words. His statement, ambiguous as it may be, was a direct blow to Berhalter’s already shaken morale. The Copa America elimination wasn't just a tactical or technical failure; it was a complete collapse of confidence in Berhalter’s project. And now, with Pulisic adding fuel to the fire, the situation becomes unsustainable.

The American soccer bosses have a hot potato in their hands. Deciding Berhalter’s fate isn’t an easy task, but the pressure for change is palpable. Iconic figures in US soccer, like Clint Dempsey, Alexi Lalas, and Carli Lloyd, haven't held back their criticism. They were clear and direct: it’s time for Berhalter to go.

The 2026 World Cup is approaching rapidly, and the US cannot afford to enter the competition with a discredited coach and an unstable team. Berhalter, on the other hand, is at a crossroads. Keeping his job will require not just a tactical restructuring, but also a rebuilding of trust from his players and the nation. Does Berhalter have what it takes to turn the tide?