Germán Cano at New England Revolution? Fluminense Fans Mock the MLS Team

Fans tease, but the obstacles are real
Fluminense v Internacional: Semi-final - Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2023
Fluminense v Internacional: Semi-final - Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2023 / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

The recent interest of New England Revolution, a Major League Soccer (MLS) team in the United States, in Argentine forward Germán Cano, currently with Fluminense, has sparked a wave of irony and banter on social media from Tricolor fans. The news that the American club is eyeing the Argentine goal scorer for the 2024 season prompted both amusing and skeptical reactions from the passionate Fluminense supporters.

On social media, Fluminense fans expressed the opinion that the possibility of Cano joining New England Revolution is an "impossible dream." Witty comments flooded the platforms, highlighting disbelief at the idea of seeing the Argentine striker leave the tricolor colors to don the shirt of an MLS club.

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Fans didn't miss the chance to add a touch of sarcasm by suggesting that New England Revolution take home, instead of Cano, the forwards Lelê and Yony Gonzalez, the latter having had a stint with LA Galaxy, as Brazilian fans consider these two players as the "worst attackers of Fluminense." A peculiar and humorous way to express the opinion that Cano is, undoubtedly, a too valuable asset.

Irony reached its peak when Fluminense fans, in a relaxed manner, asserted that "wanting is not enough," emphasizing the improbability of Cano's transfer to the MLS. The banter took on even funnier tones when fans began making hilarious comparisons, mentioning their own impossible dreams as a way to portray the situation.

Considering the loyalty and passion of fans for Fluminense, the reaction of this group to the speculation involving one of the main names in the squad is understandable. However, the complexity of the negotiations, highlighted in our previous text, suggests that fans might be correct in considering New England Revolution's interest in Cano as an unlikely chapter in the Argentine striker's history.

The truth is that, as much as soccer is full of surprises, this potential transfer seems to face considerable challenges, from the duration of Cano's contract with Fluminense to the intricate rules of the MLS. It remains for Fluminense fans to closely follow the developments of this story, while New England Revolution seeks to overcome the barriers that currently seem distant from realization.

Germán Cano
Fluminense v Sao Paulo - Brasileirao 2023 / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

Check out the comments from Fluminense fans on social media:

"New England Revolution, this is Germán Cano!!!" - @pdrao97

"They can take German Cano.. He's here, plays amazingly..." - @Fernando1902ffc

"And I want an internship that pays 5k/month 😂 apparently we'll just keep wanting New England" - @ffc_gl

"😂 Cano would never even think about leaving Fluminense to go to the MLS." - @harmonyzando5h

"Here, New England Revolution, this is Germán Cano. You can take him!!!" - @TiagoLombaOFC