Germán Cano: An Inestimable Asset for Fluminense, a Fantasy for New England Revolution

The Argentine striker's stay is vital for the Rio de Janeiro club, and a potential deal with MLS seems more like a distant dream than an imminent reality
Fluminense v Sao Paulo - Brasileirao 2023
Fluminense v Sao Paulo - Brasileirao 2023 / Buda Mendes/GettyImages

The New England Revolution's proposal for the talented Germán Cano appears more like a flight of fancy than a plausible move. The Argentine goal-scorer, a key piece in Fluminense's tactical setup, casually expressed his loyalty to the Brazilian club, dismissing the lucrative offer from Major League Soccer (MLS).

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Germán Cano
Fluminense v Boca Juniors - Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2023 Final / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

In an interview with Trivela, Cano not only confirmed the interest from the American club but also emphasized the magnitude of his connection with Fluminense.

"It will be very difficult. It's 100 million reais, right? (laughs). I want to spend my life here."

Said Germán Cano to Trivela

The New England Revolution might dream of acquiring this notable talent, but the reality is that the proposal seems like a fantasy in the face of the loyalty and symbolic value Germán Cano holds for Fluminense. The player's continuation with the club is not just a matter of numbers but an emotional bond that transcends the boundaries of the soccer field. The Carioca tricolor can rightfully consider Cano not only as an exceptional goal-scorer but also as a true icon embodying the essence of the club.