Geovane Jesus: A Year of Challenges and Overcoming in MLS

Player reveals details of his journey in the United States
Leagues Cup 2023 - Round of 16: Inter Miami CF v FC Dallas
Leagues Cup 2023 - Round of 16: Inter Miami CF v FC Dallas / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

In an exclusive interview with the Brazilian site GE, Geovane Jesus disclosed the highs and lows of his first year playing in Major League Soccer (MLS). The athlete, who joined FC Dallas in 2023 for approximately $7.5 million, shared significant details of his experience, highlighting both moments of joy and the challenges faced.

The player, who had a solid stint with Cruzeiro, emphasized that the quality of life in the United States was a determining factor in his decision to accept the MLS offer. Additionally, Geovane had the unique opportunity to face icons of world soccer, such as Lionel Messi, in a match that became unforgettable for the athlete.

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However, Geovane's year was not only about triumphs. A serious injury to his right knee during training in September kept him away from the field and prevented his participation in the Pan-American Games in Santiago. The player revealed the challenges faced after the injury, highlighting the importance of psychological support and his determination to return earlier than expected.

Geovane Jesus
Leagues Cup 2023 - Round of 16: Inter Miami CF v FC Dallas / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

Geovane also shared his perspectives on soccer in the United States, emphasizing the constant growth of the MLS and the presence of renowned players. Despite expressing the desire to play in Europe, he highlighted the satisfaction of playing in the MLS, where he has a four-year contract.

The interview further unveiled Geovane's strong connection with Cruzeiro, the club that propelled him into the professional scene. Even from a distance in the United States, the player closely follows Cruzeiro's news on social media and expresses his affection for the club, wishing success in its journey.

Geovane concluded the interview with an optimistic look toward the future, expressing his ambition to be called up again for the Brazilian national team and his determination to overcome challenges, both in recovering from the injury and in the continuation of his career on American soccer fields.