Flamengo Won't Give Up on Evander but Faces New Resistance from Portland Timbers

Carioca club dreams of having the midfielder, but faces a real wall in MLS to finalize the signing
Portland Timbers v Sporting Kansas City
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If there's one thing Flamengo fans know how to do well, it's dream. And once again, the target for the red and blacks goes by the name of Evander. According to our sources at MLS Multiplex, the talented midfielder, who shines at Portland Timbers, is once again on the radar of the carioca club. However, getting the player out of MLS has proven to be an almost impossible mission.

Since the last transfer window, Flamengo has been rehearsing its steps to bring Evander back to Brazil. But the resistance found at Portland Timbers has been immense since the last transfer window. Flamengo's interest in the player isn't new. Even before his arrival in MLS, when Evander was defending Midtjylland in Denmark, Flamengo had already tried for a loan. However, the negotiation didn't progress.

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Portland Timbers signed Evander in December 2022, and the bet paid off. The Brazilian was named the team's best player in 2023, playing a crucial role both as a midfielder and a second defensive midfielder. The quick adaptation and solid performance made Evander a key piece in the tactical scheme, making the idea of his departure even more complicated. Portland's management, firm in their stance, has made it clear they are not interested in selling the player for the amounts offered by Flamengo.

But Flamengo doesn't give up easily. Even in the face of refusals, the red-black management continues to monitor the situation and explore possibilities. The problem, however, is the amount demanded by the Americans. Portland will only negotiate if the financial proposal ranges between 8 and 10 million dollars, an amount that Flamengo has so far refused to pay. Evander watches closely. Despite his good moment in the United States, the player sees a return to Brazil favorably.

NY City FC vs Portland Timbers
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Portland Timbers knows Evander's value. The signing of the Brazilian was one of the most expensive in MLS history. With a contract until December 2026, the American club is not willing to give up their talent easily. And who can blame them? After all, finding a replacement of the same caliber wouldn't be simple, especially considering the immediate impact Evander brought to the team.

The situation is, at the very least, intriguing. On one side, a determined Flamengo that spares no effort to strengthen its squad and seek new achievements. On the other, a Portland Timbers that knows exactly what they have and isn't willing to give in without significant financial compensation. In the middle of it all, Evander, a player who seems to be at the peak of his career but with his heart divided between the two.

Whether Flamengo is really willing to invest heavily and pay the demanded price, we don't know yet. Flamengo, for its part, keeps an eye on the player, waiting for the right moment to strike. Who knows, a bit of patience and persistence might eventually break the American resistance?

Meanwhile, Evander continues to shine in MLS, showing all his talent and justifying every penny invested by Portland. Will this story have a happy ending for the red and black? Or will Portland Timbers manage to keep their gem for a while longer?