Flamengo loses clash with Messi's Inter Miami

Cancellation of friendly doesn't shake red-and-black plans in the USA; preseason continues steadfast in pursuit of new challenges

Flamengo v Vasco Da Gama - Brasileirao 2023
Flamengo v Vasco Da Gama - Brasileirao 2023 / Wagner Meier/GettyImages

The soccer world witnessed a surprising turn of events when Lionel Messi's team, Inter Miami, decided to cancel the much-anticipated friendly against Flamengo in 2024. The reason? An irresistible financial proposal to participate in games in the coveted Middle Eastern scenario. The outcome left fans in suspense, but the Rio de Janeiro-based Rubro-Negro, far from being shaken, remains steadfast in its mission of internationalization.

The news, initially reported on the "Olho no Lance" program by journalists Paparazzo Rubro-Negro, Julio Miguel Neto, and Renan Moura, brought a twist to the plans but did not shake Flamengo's determination to expand its brand beyond Brazilian borders. The club will continue its preseason in the United States, specifically in Orlando, where they will arrive on January 18.

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Gabriel Barbosa
Flamengo v Vasco Da Gama - Brasileirao 2023 / Wagner Meier/GettyImages

The cancellation of the showdown against Messi and his team does not signify a withdrawal from international challenges. On the contrary, Flamengo remains focused on its goals, scheduling training sessions at the Orlando City training center and seeking two friendly matches. The change in opponent for one of the games does not diminish the team's enthusiasm, as they aim to make the most of their stay in the USA to enhance their physical and technical form.

The decision by Inter Miami, although disappointing for fans eager to see the clash with the Argentine star, opens doors to new opportunities. Flamengo is determined to turn this setback into a chance to explore other horizons, solidifying its presence on the international stage. The red-and-black saga in the United States promises excitement, even with the change in the script. Football, as always, holds surprises, and Flamengo is ready to dribble any obstacle in its pursuit of glory beyond the borders of Brazil.