Denis Bouanga: The Turnaround at LAFC and the Desire for a Return to Europe

Bouanga seeks new horizons, and LAFC sets a high price for the star
Los Angeles Football Club v Columbus Crew - 2023 MLS Cup
Los Angeles Football Club v Columbus Crew - 2023 MLS Cup / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Denis Bouanga, the star of the Los Angeles Soccer Club (LAFC), has expressed his urgent desire to leave the club, according to an exclusive report from Território MLS. The news reveals that the player's decision is grounded in family reasons, indicating a significant shift in his trajectory in American soccer.

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Prioritizing a Return to Europe

According to information obtained by Território MLS, Bouanga not only seeks a new chapter in his career but also prioritizes a return to European soccer. This move, seemingly motivated by personal and professional reasons, underscores the ongoing influence of European soccer as a magnet for talented players seeking challenges and opportunities.

Bouanga's change raises questions about the impact of this decision on LAFC, which, in turn, faces the prospect of losing a key piece of its roster. The player, known for his technical ability and valuable contributions on the field, could leave a significant gap in the team.

Denis Bouanga
Los Angeles Football Club v Columbus Crew - 2023 MLS Cup / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages

Assessment of Value and LAFC's Stance

The exclusivity of the news also reveals that LAFC is not willing to release Denis Bouanga at any price. The club has set a minimum requirement of 10 million euros to negotiate the player, highlighting Bouanga's importance to the team and indicating a firm stance from the management in retaining valuable assets.

This attitude from LAFC sparks discussions about player valuation in the transfer market and how American clubs are increasingly becoming key players in international negotiations. The established price suggests that the club is aware of the potential impact of Bouanga's departure and seeks to ensure fair compensation.


Denis Bouanga's sudden announcement and the details revealed by the Território MLS team add a new dimension to the soccer scene in the United States. The player's quest for new challenges and LAFC's firmness regarding the player's value contribute to a compelling and uncertain narrative about the future of the Gabonese soccer player.