Columbus Crew Makes Surprising Acquisition of Aziel Jackson from St. Louis CITY SC

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St Louis City SC v FC Cincinnati
St Louis City SC v FC Cincinnati / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

The Columbus Crew is acquiring midfielder Aziel Jackson from St. Louis CITY SC. At just 22 years old, Jackson is seen as a promising talent in American soccer.

The deal was finalized for approximately $650,000 in GAM (General Allocation Money), a significant figure that demonstrates Columbus Crew's commitment. Such an investment is not made without meticulous planning and a clear vision for the future, something the Crew seems to be prioritizing this season. In addition to the initial amount, the agreement includes additional compensations, dependent on certain bonuses that, if met, could further increase the total cost of the transfer.

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At St. Louis CITY SC, Jackson had the opportunity to showcase his skills and attracted the attention of several clubs. His ability to control the midfield, combined with his vision and refined technique, makes him a valuable asset for any team. For the Columbus Crew, bringing in a player with these characteristics could be the necessary difference to achieve better results this season.

From St. Louis CITY SC's perspective, selling Jackson can be seen as a strategic move. Although losing a young talent is always a risk, the financial compensation received can be reinvested in the team, allowing for the search for new talents or strengthening other areas.

In terms of immediate impact, Jackson brings a new dynamic to the Crew's midfield. His youth and energy are complemented by a surprising tactical maturity for his age. He is capable of dictating the pace of the game, connecting the defense with the attack, and creating goal-scoring opportunities. This versatility is exactly what the Columbus Crew needs to diversify its tactical options and better adapt to the different challenges that arise throughout a season.