Chicho Arango: The Unquestionable Contender for the MVP Title

With his stellar performance, Arango not only leads the statistics but also elevates Real Salt Lake to new heights in the Major League Soccer season
Real Salt Lake v Chicago - Major League Soccer
Real Salt Lake v Chicago - Major League Soccer / Anadolu/GettyImages

Chicho Arango is paving his way to the MVP title with a series of brilliant performances that have impressed.

In the last match against the Chicago Fire FC, Arango simply dominated the soccer field, contributing to all four goals scored by his team. With two goals and two assists, he not only showcased his exceptional skills with the ball at his feet but also his leadership ability and influence on the game. This stellar performance is not an anomaly; Arango has been maintaining remarkable consistency throughout the season, accumulating 8 goals and 6 assists in just nine games. These numbers not only place him at the top of the goal-scoring chart but also establish him as a crucial player for RSL's success.

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Arango's impact goes beyond statistics. His coach, Pablo Mastoreni, highlighted not only his technical ability but also his mental attitude. Arango plays with unwavering confidence, transmitting this positive energy to his teammates and inspiring them to reach new heights. Furthermore, his leadership on and off the field is a fundamental element for the team's cohesion and performance.

Before joining RSL, Arango had already made his mark in MLS with LAFC, where he scored 30 goals in two seasons. His transition to RSL was seamless, and he quickly established himself as the team's key player. Even facing an injury at the end of last season, Arango returned in 2024 with renewed determination, demonstrating his resilience and commitment to his team's success.

It's important to note that Arango's impact goes beyond the soccer field. His presence has been vital in boosting the team's morale and inspiring confidence in crucial moments. His teammates recognize his importance not only as a prolific scorer but also as a respected and admired leader within the locker room.

In terms of results, Arango's performance has been equally impressive. RSL currently sits in the second position in the Western Conference table, largely thanks to the exceptional performance of their captain.