Chicho Arango is Messi's Challenger in the 2024 MLS

The Emerging Colombian Shaking Up American Soccer
Real Salt Lake v Chicago - Major League Soccer
Real Salt Lake v Chicago - Major League Soccer / Anadolu/GettyImages

One figure has emerged as a legitimate challenger to Lionel Messi's dominance: Chicho Arango. With 13 goals and 4 assists in just 14 games, Arango is making his mark on the RSL (Real Salt Lake) and shaking up the landscape of soccer in the United States.

Since Lionel Messi's arrival in the MLS, the league has witnessed an unprecedented increase in its visibility and technical quality. The presence of the Argentine icon has raised the standard and attracted global attention to soccer in America. Amidst this aura of stardom, an unexpected challenger arises: Chicho Arango, a Colombian who is quickly becoming the name to watch this season.

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Arango's performance is simply impressive. With an average of nearly a goal per game, he is not only consistently scoring but also contributing crucial assists to his team. His 13 goals and 4 assists are not just statistics; they tell the story of a player who is shaping the outcomes and dynamics of his team.

What makes Arango's rise even more captivating is his role in the RSL. While Messi shines at Inter Miami, one of the MLS's most traditional teams, Arango is leading RSL to the top of the Western Conference. His influence on the field is undeniable, inspiring his teammates to give their best and raising the team's overall standard of play.

The showdown between Arango and Messi goes beyond individual statistics. While Messi brings with him a baggage of achievements and an aura of greatness, Arango embodies the youth and determination to achieve success in a new context.

The debate over who deserves the title of MVP of the 2024 MLS season will certainly be heated. Messi, with his undeniable genius, remains a dominant force in the league. However, Arango is challenging preconceived notions and offering a compelling alternative. His rise is a testament not only to his individual talent but also to the growing competitiveness and quality of soccer in North America.

Furthermore, Arango's story brings up broader issues. His journey from a relatively unknown player to one of the MLS's main attractions highlights the diversity and richness of talent that exist beyond the traditional centers of world soccer.

It will be a battle not only for an individual award but also for a statement of dominance and legacy. While Messi seeks to consolidate his position as one of the greatest of all time, Arango seeks to leave his own mark and pave the way for a new generation of talents.