Botafogo seeks Gregore, but will Victor Cuesta be part of the deal?

The Rio de Janeiro-based club is attempting to strengthen its midfield with an offer to Inter Miami, while the Argentine defender becomes a focal point in the negotiations
Inter Miami CF v New York City Football Club
Inter Miami CF v New York City Football Club / Ira L. Black - Corbis/GettyImages

Botafogo has caught attention by making an offer to Inter Miami for defensive midfielder Gregore. The 29-year-old, who endured a nearly lost season in 2023 due to a Lisfranc injury, appears to be the desired target to bolster the Rio club's midfield.

The proposal, adding an intriguing element to the negotiations, includes the involvement of experienced Argentine defender Victor Cuesta. The potential inclusion of Cuesta in the deal suggests that the discussions between Botafogo and Inter Miami extend beyond Gregore's transfer and also explore the dynamics of a player exchange.

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Gregore, Brandt Bronico
Inter Miami CF v Charlotte FC / Matt Kelley/GettyImages

The injury that affected Gregore in 2023 raises questions about his physical condition and its impact on future performance. However, Botafogo seems willing to bet on the recovery of the talented midfielder, seeking to strengthen its squad for upcoming competitions.

On the other hand, the potential entry of Victor Cuesta into the scenario raises the question: Is Inter Miami considering a defensive overhaul? Cuesta, known for his defensive solidity and on-field experience, could be a valuable addition to any team.

The unfolding of these negotiations promises to stir the transfer market and pique the curiosity of fans on both sides. Botafogo is seeking a new key piece for its tactical puzzle, while Inter Miami may be contemplating a strategic shift in its formation.