10 Surprising Revelations about Lionel Messi You Didn't Know

Get to Know Messi's Life Behind the Scenes
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Lionel Messi is undoubtedly one of the greatest names in the history of world soccer. The Argentine's journey extends beyond the soccer pitch, punctuated by intriguing episodes.

From overcoming personal fears to facing legal challenges, Messi has proven himself not just a champion on the field, but also in real life. A fear of driving led him to invest an incredible $40 million in cars equipped with cutting-edge safety technology, providing him the confidence needed to overcome this limitation.

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But it wasn't just in his automotive choices that Messi faced challenges. A robbery incident during a stay in a French hotel prompted him to take drastic measures, moving to a fortified castle in the European country.

Messi's life has also been marked by moments of humanity and personal connection. His attachment to video games, especially FIFA, served not only as entertainment but also as a way to cope with the pressures of being a professional athlete, revealing a more relaxed side of a global icon. Spending hours on PlayStation after intense training sessions at Barcelona not only relaxed Messi but also contributed to his performance on the field.

And who could forget Messi's early health challenges? A growth hormone deficiency in childhood required expensive treatments, initially met with little acceptance in soccer clubs except for FC Barcelona, which saw potential where others doubted.

In the realm of controversies, Messi also faced complex legal battles. Allegations of tax fraud in Spain put him under judicial scrutiny, resulting in a substantial settlement to resolve tax issues.

Beyond personal and legal matters, Messi's life is also punctuated by moments of generosity and close relationships. His bond with Antonella, marked by mutual support and commitment, transcends sports headlines, revealing an intimate side of one of the world's most admired couples in sports.

As his personal journey unfolded, Messi found crucial mentors who shaped his career. The figure of Ronaldinho, a soccer icon, not only inspired Messi but also paved the way for the young star, even passing on the iconic number 10 jersey at Barcelona.

Finally, Messi is not just a player but a rising businessman. His collection of NFTs, the Messi Verse, has reached impressive values in the digital market.

Lionel Messi
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  • Messi invested $40 million in cars with advanced technology to overcome his fear of driving.
  • After a $40,000 theft at a French hotel, Messi moved to a fortified castle in France.
  • Messi used video games, especially FIFA, as a way to cope with the pressure of being a professional athlete.
  • In childhood, Messi faced a growth hormone deficiency, primarily supported by FC Barcelona.
  • Messi's love for soda was noted by Pep Guardiola, who removed all drink vending machines at Barcelona.
  • Messi owns a collection of NFTs called Messi Verse, considered one of the most expensive in sports history.
  • Messi faced legal issues in Spain over alleged tax fraud, resolving the case with a substantial payment.
  • Messi's brother owns a private jet valued at $15 million.
  • After a personal incident, Messi flew to Argentina to comfort Antonella, strengthening their relationship.
  • Ronaldinho was crucial in Messi's early development at Barcelona, including passing on the team's iconic number 10 jersey.