Toronto FC Talk: Time to start panicking and time for a goalie switch?

Jul 16, 2016; San Jose, CA, USA; Referee Alejandro Mariscal issues a red card to San Jose Earthquakes midfielder Alberto Quintero (91) during the second half against Toronto FC at Avaya Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 16, 2016; San Jose, CA, USA; Referee Alejandro Mariscal issues a red card to San Jose Earthquakes midfielder Alberto Quintero (91) during the second half against Toronto FC at Avaya Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports /

Week 2 of Toronto FC Talk is here! Please contain your excitement as this might not be the most positive TFC article I have written.

Wow. I can’t believe I stayed in on a Saturday night, and stayed up past midnight to watch that garbage that was Toronto FC vs San Jose Earthquakes. But that is in the past and I refuse to talk about how a team with playoff aspirations can lose to a team near the bottom of the table playing with 9 men. If you would like a review on that game feel free to go here or check out the video below.

Is panic mode on for Toronto FC’s head office? It definitely is for the fans who were so certain at the beginning of the year that Toronto would be a playoff team. Now injuries have of course taken a lot out of this team but with no recent signings, and a coach who never seems to have a set game plan, it could be a long rest of the season for Toronto FC.

One would think that when two of your starting midfielders go down for an extended period of time plus a starting striker you would make a few signings. However, TFC seems content with allowing their young players to step up and play, which is all fine and dandy… for a rebuilding franchise.

Don’t get me wrong I love the youth on Toronto FC. I believe Jay Hamilton, Marky Delgado, Jay Chapman, etc. will all be great even in the near future, but TFC should be trying to win now. These young players need a veteran around like a Michael Bradley or a Will Johnson to keep them tidy. Benoit Cheyrou has been trying but he can only do so much.

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I know Giovinco has been struggling lately, but with him in essentially his prime, Tim Bezbatchenko should be trying to put the best possible team around him in an effort to win now. Take it from a TFC fan who has had season tickets since day one and has yet to see a home playoff game.

This fanbase


deserves a winning franchise. Now playoffs are still in TFC’s grasp but they need to play smarter. Would a coaching change help? Perhaps, but I don’t know if it would be smart to do it right now. A lot of people are calling for Greg Vanney’s head but I think we should give him until the end of the season. If we don’t make the playoffs, or only play an away game and lose, then we go in a new coaching direction.

Another topic that has come up recently is should TFC start Quillan Roberts over Alex Bono. Fans were split when Irwin went down as to who should start. Many believed Roberts has been with the team longer and should get the chance, while other felt Bono was the better player.

I was on the side of giving the chance to Alex Bono, however, he has not done anything extraordinary and has made a few big mistakes. So why not try Roberts out? When Irwin comes back he is going to start again, so why not see what you have in Roberts over the next few games.

Toronto FC’s biggest issue has been lack of scoring. That comes from Giovinco being held off the score sheet in his last 8 games. The pressure finally seems to be getting to the atomic ant, as you can see he is clearly frustrated on the pitch. With Altidore set to return this Saturday, hopefully that can give Giovinco a boost and get him out of this funk and back to more of this:


As I write this I have just heard about TFC signing Canadian International Tosaint Ricketts. Although not a big signing, or surprising as he has been working out with team over the past few months, at least it is a step in the right direction in an attempt to bolster the roster.

Looking ahead, Toronto FC have some must win games. With 15 games left, 10 of them are at home, wins should be coming more frequent and reaching the playoffs should not be to tough for Toronto. Is anyone really considering Toronto FC as a threat to win the MLS Cup though? I am still holding out hope that when our injured stars come back we will be a strong team that could make a run deep into the MLS playoffs.

A depressing Saturday night was made up on Sunday night as not only did my softball team finally win a game (with some late game heroics might I add) but a great season premiere for Ballers (HBO) and Power (Starz).

Seeing The Rock square off with Terrell Suggs was definitely the highlight of the Ballers premier. Now I’m not a big fan of the WWE, however I came across Monday Night Raw and saw a new tag team called Enzo and Cass and they were just brilliant. With a Draft coming the next night (No idea on why there is a draft) maybe now is the time to start tuning into wrestling again.


That is all for this week folks. Hopefully next week I can be more positive about our beloved Reds as I do hate being so negative. A win against DC United on Saturday will do wonders for both my outlook and my blood pressure. Why do I take sports so seriously you may wonder? I wish I knew. Have a great soccer-filled weekend and as usual: