Women's Cup and the expansion of competitions in women's soccer

Women's Cup 2024 will feature great teams from different parts of the world
Racing Louisville FC  v NJ/NY Gotham FC
Racing Louisville FC  v NJ/NY Gotham FC / Elsa/GettyImages

The 2024 Women's Cup is set to become a significant milestone in women's soccer. Organized by Racing Louisville, the competition will bring in top teams such as Juventus, Palmeiras, and Colo-Colo for a series of matches from August 9 to 14. Additionally, the Kansas City Current will host another edition of the Women's Cup from August 14 to 17 at CPKC Stadium, a venue specially built for women's soccer, featuring clubs like Atlético de Madrid from Spain, INAC Kobe from Japan, and Mamelodi Sundowns from South Africa.

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Comparing the schedule of matches, Racing Louisville will face tougher games compared to Kansas City. The advantage of participating in the tournament is the encounter of teams from various locations. In some places, the sport is more developed compared to others, but it is a moment for players to showcase their skills and attract a global audience, increasing the sport's visibility.

The summer edition of the Women's Cup follows the TWC Colombia event, held in February in Cali, which featured Racing Louisville FC and NJ/NY Gotham FC facing Colombian teams América de Cali and Deportivo Cali. Gotham emerged victorious in the final.

The 2024 tournaments in the USA are part of the new TWC Global Series, a series of competitions held in different locations around the world. The champions of each event will be invited to compete in the Global Series Finals in February 2025 at a neutral venue yet to be announced.

The total prize of $100,000 is an additional incentive for the teams to compete. Moreover, these competitions will provide a platform for young players to be inspired by international stars, fostering the growth of the sport from the grassroots level, which is extremely important. Few teams have spaces for girl players, with most female players being trained in boys' teams.

The expansion of competitions in women's soccer not only promotes equality but also enhances the quality of the game. With more opportunities to compete in high-level tournaments, players can develop their skills and gain valuable experience, which is crucial for long-term success both at the club level and in national teams.

By bringing together elite teams from different parts of the world, it provides a platform for NWSL and international teams to demonstrate their skills on a global stage. This not only increases the quality of soccer played, but also attracts a wider audience, promoting the sport more effectively.