Thiago Almada leaves Atlanta United to make history at Botafogo

Botafogo are not skimping and are paying a fortune for the Argentine midfielder, who promises to raise the level of Brazilian soccer
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Botafogo has taken a big step forward in Brazilian soccer with the dramatic signing of Thiago Almada. The Argentine midfielder's arrival brings a new dimension to the national sporting scene, and the hefty investment of US$25 million is proof that the club is willing to do anything to reach the top. Precisely for this reason, the club wasted no time in placing a clause of US$500 million, making Almada one of the most valuable players in South American soccer.

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At 23, Almada has already made a name for himself at Atlanta United, being named one of the three best players in the MLS last season. With 6 goals and 2 assists in 17 games this season, he is the highest paid player in Atlanta's squad, earning US$2.332 million annually. These figures leave no doubt about the potential of the midfielder, who is known for his ability to finish from mid and long range, as well as his ability to create decisive plays on the left side of the attack.

By investing in Almada, Botafogo are showing that they are determined to break barriers and win important titles. Something their fans have been longing for for a long time. Almada's presence in the team not only raises the team's technical level, but also puts Botafogo on the international radar, attracting the attention of scouts and soccer fans around the world. With the prospect of becoming the biggest sale in MLS history if targets are met, Almada has all the credentials to become an icon in Brazilian soccer.

While Botafogo are celebrating Almada's arrival, Atlanta United are saying goodbye to one of their mainstays. The loss of the Argentine will certainly leave a void in the team, which now faces the challenge of finding a suitable replacement. Almada was crucial to Atlanta's recent success, contributing significantly both offensively and in the build-up play. His departure represents not only a technical loss, but also an emotional blow.

Ian Murphy, Thiago Almada
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But why are Botafogo willing to pay so much for Almada? The answer is simple: the player brings a rare balance between technical ability and vision. He is a thinker and accelerator of the game, with a unique ability to finish and create moves. What's more, Almada already has World Cup status with Argentina, which adds even more weight to his arrival.

Almada's transfer to Botafogo should also be seen as a strategic move. In an increasingly competitive market, ensuring the presence of a player of international caliber is crucial to building a winning team. The move could be short-lived, due to the midfielder's departure to Lyon, another team in the group.

Even so, Botafogo fans can expect a more attacking and dynamic team, capable of competing on equal terms with the giants of Brazilian soccer. Almada brings with him the promise of goals and assists and was the missing piece to turn that vision into reality. Botafogo fans can be happy with their new signing, while Atlanta United will have to get back on their feet after this big loss.