Talleres in the hunt for Joaquín Pereyra, MLS club's target

With internal conflicts at Atlético Tucumán, the Argentine star's fate is uncertain
Marcelo Endelli/GettyImages

Atlético Tucumán's talented midfielder Joaquín Pereyra is in the sights of Talleres, but the situation is more tangled than a kite on a windy day. Since arriving in Tucumán from Rosario Central for 900,000 euros, Pereyra has been in the spotlight - and not just for his goals and assists, but also for his constant conflicts with the club's leadership.

There has already been formal contact between Talleres and Atlético Tucumán, but so far there has been no offer on the table. And you know what's worse? The player and his entourage are waiting for an offer from the MLS before deciding on his future. This whole suspense has already had exciting chapters, like when the New England Revolution almost took the star at the end of February with an offer of 3 million dollars for 90% of his transfer. But Tucumán balked and said it was too little, dashing the player's American dreams.

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Pereyra has everything it takes to be a key player in any team he chooses. With his unquestionable talent and ability to solve games, he's a sure bet. The MLS is no fool and knows a talent when it sees one. And let's face it, the American league is increasingly attracting big-name players with the promise of good salaries and quality of life.

It remains to be seen whether the New England Revolution will make another attempt, or even another MLS club. Boca Juniors have also shown an interest in the player. One thing's for sure, Atlético Tucumán's tough game will come to an end one day, even if the player really wants to move.

Pereyra would be a great acquisition for the MLS, a spectacular showcase, not to mention the challenge of facing new styles of play and living in a different country. On the other hand, staying in Argentina, especially at a giant like Boca, has its charm and advantages. The pressure is enormous, but it's also the chance to make a name for yourself at home. However, it's Talleres who have their cards on the table, waiting for the right moment to make the final move.